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Ones to Watch. Issue #14.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Ahhh the month of love. Hearts, red roses, big teddy bears, chocolates and plenty of prosecco. Whether you are head over heels or sickened by the whole thing, Valentine’s Day is unescapable. This month we are sharing some alternative ways to spread a little love, whether that is with your mates, the environment or indulging in some self-care.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

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What's Hot: Travel

Live like a local travel tribe 2019

It’s January. The month of dark mornings, harsh diets, empty bank accounts and a whole twelve months of work ahead of us. *Hides back under the duvet covers*. Of all the months this is the one where we really need a pick me up, something to look forward to. So naturally the first thought is of sandy shores and sunshine. January is the biggest month for booking summer holidays. With the first Saturday of the year now coining the term ‘sunshine Saturday’, travel companies capitalise on this day with an increase in advertising spend and plenty of enticing offers to paradise. 

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Ones to Watch Birthday Edition

Soph birthday

Welcome back! January is a tough month for all of us, well at least it was, until this month’s edition of OTW landed in your inbox. Even more exciting, we are celebrating an entire year of trend hunting. Happy birthday to us! Our first issue was shared with you lovely lot one whole year ago. So pop on your party hat, grab a piece of cake (or a biscuit from the communal office tin will do) and enjoy reading.

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Ones to Watch Greatest Hits Edition

Ones To Watch #11

The end of the year is fast approaching. Most of us are now in full festive swing, trees have been awkwardly assembled in your workplace reception area and office gossip has turned to what everyone got up to at the Christmas party. Before ONES TO WATCH takes a break for the jolly holidays, we have taken the liberty of rounding up our most popular trends for the year, based on what you guys clicked on the most. A greatest hits if you will. No surprise that this includes booze, yoga, holidays and avocados. A good reflection of 2018 as a whole.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #11.

Ones To Watch #11

By now, most high street Christmas lights have officially been turned on. This year’s John Lewis advert arrived last week prompting us all to download Elton John’s greatest hits and we’ve had our first sighting of the Coca-Cola lorry on the telly. This all means one thing. The festive period is upon us, which seems to creep earlier and earlier each year. So at risk of looking like Scrooge we are sharing in the merriment by getting ahead of this year’s festive trends. Even though it is only November.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #10.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Autumn is upon us. The official month of red wine, knitwear, chunky scarves and open fires. Of course October also has a scarier occasion in store for us. So this month’s ones to watch is dedicated to all the best events and trends Halloween has to offer. Don’t get too spooked.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #8. Out of office.

Sophie Out of Office

Sorry I’m not here to supply you with your monthly trends update. Well, actually, not that sorry because I’m currently poolside with a cocktail. We need a holiday too you know!

So for this month with lots of you embarking on your own trips before the summer is essentially over, we thought we would provide some fun and more interesting suggestions for your own out of office email. Less generic than the classic "I’m out of the office until September so contact Emma if urgent".

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DMA selects Rob Scott for judging panel

Rob Scott

For the third consecutive year, Rob Scott our Group Creative Director has been appointed as a judge in the Best use of Mail category for the DMA Awards.

Applying to become a DMA judge is you agreeing to take on one of the toughest jobs in the industry. Toughest because as an individual you must uphold the highest standards and create a shortlist which reflects the finest creative work, sharpest strategy and most eye catching results. 

Best use of Mail is one of the most popular categories and represents work in a single-addressed mailing or a mailing campaign across B2B or B2C. Work can consist of that which targets existing customers or prospects and must show a clear strategy, audience targeting, use of data, creative rationale and the result achieved. 

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TLC Marketing appoints Emma Lloyd to the UK board to boost communication strategy

From brand side to agency life. Our PR and Marketing Manager one year on.

TLC Marketing welcomes Emma Lloyd (nee Critchley) as the first board level marketer aiming to strengthen its new business and communication offerings. 

Emma has been at TLC Marketing for three years’ and previously worked client side, marketing for the automotive and employee engagement industries. Leading the PR & Marketing for the UK, Ireland and Nordic regions, her Board appointment has been created to lead the end-to-end communication for the agency, ensuring the output and assets of each department are optimised for new business development and agency reputation. She will be responsible for driving the strength of the UK and Irish brand while simultaneously establishing TLC in the Nordics. 

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Employee Wellness Week 2018

Employee Wellness Week 2018

Creating an environment where employees can thrive is paramount to success in any business. However, as pressure amounts towards month end and targets come under scrutiny, stress levels increase which can lead to tension and health issues of which neither constitute towards the most productive working environment. 

In 2018, workplace wellbeing has become a boardroom priority. We have seen companies like Sweaty Betty wearing employee wellbeing on its sleeve offering free workouts, team fitness events and sponsoring employees to learn new health and fitness skills. Emulating your company promise as part of your employee benefits package is a sure way to build brand advocate from within. It creates a culture where staff are proud of the company they work for and ultimately want to produce the best work for their clients. 

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The most effective ways to attract customers during the Christmas gifting season

How to run a successful Christmas promotion

97 days until Christmas. That’s a scary thought. A less scary thought is that’s only 14 more Monday mornings and approximately nine weeks until the office starts debating whether it’s ‘O.K.’ to switch the Soulful House to Yuletide bangers.

Christmas at TLC usually means Pinterest mood boards and a lot of Asos parcels (and Oliver Bonas, & Other Stories, Topshop…the list goes on), but most importantly it’s about preparation, not for our Christmas party outfits, but for our clients. By December we’re already well into the New Year, making sure all those New Year, New You campaigns are pushed to go live as soon as the nation starts feeling guilty about all that over indulgence.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #9.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Welcome back, we hope you had a wonderful August filled with sunshine, poolside drinks, SPF and minimal flight delays. We also hope you took inspiration from our own out of offices and jazzed up your own.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

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How to boss your PR and Marketing placement

Faye Stammers PR and Marketing Executive at the PRMoments Awards 2018

We have been dreading this day since she joined. Today, Faye Stammers our phenomenal PR & Marketing intern is leaving us to return back to university to complete her final year. 

Since joining the business in June 2017, Faye has truly made the role her own, taking on tasks above and beyond what’s expected while consistently delivering results for the business. 

We managed to interrupt her plate spinning for long enough to ask what her best bits from the past 14-months have been.

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Bupa Healthcare on what it’s like to win awards

Exclusive interview with Louise Miller at Bupa

If you have ever visited our office, you will have seen our staircase adorned with silverware from various awarding bodies.

Whilst we are proud of creating award-winning work, nothing is more rewarding than putting a smile on our clients' faces.

In 2014, we launched our first campaign for Bupa, with Out of the Blue acting as a pilot for what is now the Bupa Rewards loyalty scheme. Over the years, alongside the leading healthcare provider, we have celebrated the wins of three prestigious industry awards: one IPM Bronze for Directing Marketing, a Silver IMC Award for Direct 1:1 and a Silver CIM Award for Integrated Marketing.

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Emma Lloyd joins DMA B2B Council

Emma at the IPM Awards

The Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) B2B Council encourages thought leadership in the B2B space and recently Emma Lloyd (née Critchley), the catalyst behind some of TLC Marketing’s biggest, boldest and award-winning B2B marketing campaigns, received an invitation to join the Council.

After attending the summer B2B Council meeting as a guest, Emma impressed the team at the DMA (including Richard Robinson who is the chair of the B2B Council) so much with her enthusiasm and passion for B2B marketing that she will now be joining the Council made up of 17 other B2B marketing experts and professionals.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #7.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Boy oh boy it has been warm around here, I hope you’ve been bulk buying fans and staying cool over the last month. Along with the British heatwave we have some more hot trends for you this July, so sit back with your feet in an ice bucket and chill out.

Getting drunk in your pants

I’m sure that headline caught your attention! Last year, we were all convinced the way to happiness was to be more hygge, a Nordic concept that loosely translates as a state of cosiness and feeling of contentment. Our homes filled with knitted blankets, candles and hot drinks in an attempt to be more hygge. However, this year a less smug Finnish concept is set to be the buzzword for autumn - ‘Pantsdrunk’. This experience literally involves drinking at home, alone, in your underwear, no wonder Helsinki is the happiest city in the world. The trend allegedly started as a way to cope with the long, dark winters but has now become engrained in the countries culture. So much so that the ministry of foreign affairs even references it in its guide to the country. As you can imagine, we will be totally on board with this and will be picking up our handbook by Miska Rantenen when it launches in the UK. If you need me I’ll be on the sofa in my M&S finest and a large glass of Malbec.

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National Tattoo Day - July 17th

Imagine that.

It would be in every newspaper, trending on social, the talk of every office, staff room and building site, up and down the country.

The brand on everyone’s lips because they offered every single one of their customers a free tattoo on National Tattoo Day (17th July). A brand that tore up the rulebook and created the mother of all promotions.

For all the hedonistic Hackney hipsters to the loyal Leicester City lads, the rockers, the rappers and all the bucket list backpackers. A free tattoo for fearless, risk taking, body confident customers.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #6.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Oi oi, we are kicking off (excuse the pun) with a few World Cup themed trends this month, because let’s face it, it is hard to avoid – even for someone who knows very little about football so bear with me.

Football Italia bar

Newly opened in Camberwell, South London, Golazio celebrates everything that was great about the 90’s Serie A league and the best stone baked pizzas. Owner Tim wanted to combine his love for Football Italia with an American concept that he picked up while travelling The States in his 20’s – pizza by the slice. Showing full-length classic games on three big screens, displaying a collection of vintage memorabilia, serving Italian inspired cocktails and even playing Pavarotti in the toilets, you will be transported back in time to the days of Gazza, Signori and Lombardo. If that wasn’t reason enough to visit it is also the only bar serving Italian craft beers South of the river, and 12 different varieties at that. Themed bars are growing ever popular but this is one of our favourites, the more niche the better.

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Junior Planner and university star: Katie’s year

Farewell Katie

Every year, TLC Marketing are blown away by the high calibre of talent that placement students bring and today, it’s time to celebrate Katie’s time at TLC Marketing.

Katie joined the TLC Marketing Planning team last summer as a highly motivated and driven advertising student who at university alone, is always the first to put herself forward for extra-curriculum activities. She spent her second year at university as a Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) leader to first-year students and while fully immersing herself at TLC, Katie has continued to support others, dedicating her spare time to being a Bournemouth University placement leader.

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IPM Awards 2018. We’re going to need some more shelves.

TLC IPM winners

TLC Marketing are going to need some more shelves. Last night they took home ten trophies at the Institute of Promotional Marketing Awards (IPM) Awards for campaigns with Vodafone, Filippo Berio and their own b2b marketing.

A total of five Bronze, four Silver and one Gold were awarded at the ceremony in the Hilton Park Lane, with the agency dominating the Creative and Small Budget campaigns.

Two trophies were awarded to Vodafone Broadband ‘Awesome Tech Gift’ campaign for Best Telecoms and Best Customer Trial and Acquisition while the mobile side of the business took home Best Shopper and Retention Programme for the Christmas Surprise and Delight campaign. 

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From Australia to TLC, Lara’s unforgettable year

Lara's year

Welcoming four new placement students every year means that we have four, very hard goodbyes to say yet again this summer.

From Lara’s initial interview, TLC Marketing saw a passion for business and an appetite for Account Management. Whilst many placement students join TLC with little work experience, Lara had already been climbing the career ladder having taken up numerous roles across the globe, in countries such as France, Australia and America.

From being a Wedding Planners assistant in the South of France to interning at a movie distribution company and government organisation in Australia, Lara joined with a wealth of knowledge that has helped her to excel in her placement year.  

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Placement of the Year award for Rowan Smith

Rowan - Operations Intern at TLC

TLC Marketing is so proud of their undergraduate programme, with placement students offering a fresh perspective, hunger for success and desire to constantly learn. 

Yesterday, we received news that Rowan Smith, Operations Intern at TLC Marketing, has won the highly sought-after ’12-Month Placement of the Year’ award as part of the University of Gloucestershire’s Student Union Awards.

Sponsored by Future Plan, these awards recognise the success of university students on their placement year and awards those who exceed employer’s expectations, showing dedication, hard work and commitment. 

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All American Day: global celebrations

All American Day

All American Day celebrations are well underway in TLC Marketing offices around the world, as all 14 markets unite to celebrate the USA team’s recent success at the Loyalty360 Awards.

With offices being equipped with all things American from flags and tablecloths to pretzels, hot dogs and of course doughnuts, this worldwide ‘Fun Club’ celebration comes after the Platinum Award win for the American Family Insurance, DreamKeep loyalty programme.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #5.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

A Royal welcome to this month’s edition.

May has arrived, otherwise known as the start of the wedding season, marked this year by our Harry and Meghan. So without further ado I royally announce the trends one should be looking out for in the month to follow, including a handy tip for how to safely enjoy your regal smashed avocado on toast. 

Joseph Joseph

For all you hipster brunchers out there, who can’t function on a weekend before poached eggs atop of sourdough – your smashed avocado dreams are about to become a reality. Taking the danger out of cutting an avocado are the pioneers of stylish yet functional design Joseph Joseph. Their avocado tool, created following the increase in demand of the green brunch hype, allows you to open, de-stone, scoop and slice all in one. Since launch, the product has consistently featured in the top ten lists of the coolest and best kitchen gadgets. We tried it out for ourselves in the office for a Friday breakfast and can confirm it is genius! No longer is there a need to risk a finger or thumb plus, it's certainly a quicker way to get your avocado fix.

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Steph Pearson 30 under 40 winner

Steph 40 under 30 winner

After several hundred applications in Loyalty Magazines 30 under 40 category, it was announced last week that TLC Marketing’s very own Steph Pearson is a winner.

The Loyalty Magazine Awards recognises the very best loyalty schemes across the globe and awards only the most engaging, innovative programmes that add real value to customers lives. In its first year, the 30 under 40 award recognises individuals who live and breathe loyalty in their day-to-day roles – those who are reinventing the loyalty space and who are continuously on the lookout for fresh ideas to appeal to consumers.

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TLC Marketing welcomes new Group Marketing Director

Welcome to the family, Khalid

The TLC Marketing team has expanded yet again after welcoming new Group Marketing Director, Khalid Aziz, to the agency.

With a career spanning 16 years, Khalid has worked all over the world and brings a new lease of knowledge and experience to the agency. He joins from a telecom marketing background after previously being Group Marketing Director at Lycamobile, Director of Marketing Strategy for eight years at the Orange Group, and Marketing Propositions Manager at O2.

On his move to TLC Marketing, Khalid said, “I’ve joined the agency during a really exciting time and I can’t wait bring my marketing and customer centric vision for the company to life. Being the Director of Marketing at TLC means my job is to assist and motivate the 14 TLC markets in their communications to key decision makers at various brands and organisations. I bring a multi-disciplinary approach having experience in segmentation, market research, strategy, promotional planning, CRM, acquisition and product marketing.”

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Martin Covill a decade on

Martin Covill a decade on

The man, the myth, the legend himself Martin Covill celebrates his ten year anniversary at TLC Marketing this week. In those ten years, eleven new iPhones have hit the market, Martin's beloved Southampton got promoted to the Premier League and Kate and William have married and had three children. Martin has really stood the test of time and in the office, he's a key and well-respected member of the team, from helping bring a host of campaigns to life to being on hand to help and guide others when they need it.

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Earth Day 2018

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is being celebrated globally this weekend (22nd of April) and calls for the end of waste that is endangering the world we live in. The movement encourages people to take action from eating less meat to creating their own act of green, such as planting a tree or picking up litter on the beach.

In the office, we’ve started an initiative to do the little things that will (in turn) make a big impact. From ditching regular batteries for rechargeable ones to getting our weekly fruit shop from a local supplier as opposed to a large supermarket (as large supermarkets are renowned for using lots of plastic packaging).

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Ones to Watch. Issue #4.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Hello old friend, good to see you again.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #3.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Hello again, thanks for coming back to join us, you could almost say we’re mates now.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

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TLC Marketing finalists at this year’s RAR Awards

RAR Awards 2018 finalists - TLC Marketing

It's that time of year again. The Recommended Agency Register (RAR) Awards shortlist has been announced, with TLC Marketing up for not one but four awards.

An awarding body judged quite like no other, winners of the RAR Awards are picked solely on client reviews and recommendations, which makes winning that extra bit special. For the past two years, TLC Marketing have been crowned ‘Promotional Agency of the Year' and this year, the agency are hoping to make it a hat-trick.

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DMA Future Writers Lab Rebranding Mental Illness Brief

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Our Strategy Manager Sophie, has recently taken part in the DMA's Future Writers Lab course lead by Debi Buster, CEO at Department of Change. As part of the course she was given a brief 'to rebrand mental illness as a normal part of living, talking and growing, for each of us and all of us.' We loved her response so much that we wanted to share it! A powerful example of storytelling to change the world.

The idea

"When we got the brief, I automatically thought of myself. I have always suffered with anxiety and worry. I started by thinking how it makes me feel and how the anxiousness manifests itself as a separate voice.

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De-stressing is an essential

Beauty oils, diffusers and flowers on a wooden table

Last week, TLC Marketing fought the elements to attend Professional Beauty London at the ExCel. 

Professional Beauty is the UK’s biggest annual beauty and spa trade show, welcoming 800 brands and industry professionals to showcase their newest products and share the latest insight. Now in its 30th year, it welcomes some of the biggest names in beauty from the likes of Dermalogica and Elemis.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #2.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Welcome back! It’s good to see you again, I’m glad the immersive cocktails and disco yoga didn’t scare you off last time.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre. Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

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IPM Diploma for Sabeena Sanghera

Farewell Sab

After six months of hard work and dedication, TLC Marketing’s Sabeena Sanghera, Partnership and Content Specialist, collected her Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Diploma last week. 

The Diploma is a well-respected qualification and is seen as the “best possible grounding” for those who are responsible for creating promotional marketing campaigns in the UK. To achieve an IPM Diploma, students had to undertake a series of assignments and complete a set brief, which involved writing a campaign from start to finish. All tasks covered various aspects of integrated communication campaigns and had to be completed in the students’ own time. 

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Emma Lloyd shortlisted for the 2018 Suzy Spirit Award

Suzy Spirit

The Suzy Spirit Award recognises those in the PR and Communications industry who shine above the rest.

This is an award in honour of one of the industries brightest young stars, Suzy Ferguson, who passed away from bowel cancer in July 2012. Designed to reflect Suzy’s personality, this award recognises individuals with exceptional character, integrity and determination. Those who go above and beyond for others.

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Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Ones to Watch. Issue #1.

Hello new friend, a big welcome to the very first round up of ONES TO WATCH. Each week we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

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Meat eaters opting for vegetarian alternatives

Vegetarian dinner

Last year saw the ‘flexitarian’ trend thrust into the limelight as many people in the UK chose to cut back on the animal products they consume.

With more vegetarian options available to the public than ever before (just look at Veggie Pret and All Bar Ones ‘Veganuary’ menu), it’s no surprise that our recent research conducted alongside restaurant and nightlife experts DesignMyNight, found that 64% of meat eaters can be swayed to eat vegetarian meals when dining out*.

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Lights. Camera. Action. It’s time for The Frankie Awards

Frankies 2018

Stop what you’re doing. It’s one week today until the most anticipated day in the TLC Marketing calendar… The Frankie's.

In memory of our original founder, the late Frank True, The Frankie's celebrates the best efforts, ideas, execution and innovation from TLC Marketing employees all over the world. 

Taking place on Friday, 15th February 2019, members of staff from all 15 markets (that’s over 400 people) will be brought together via a video link in each office to celebrate.

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Top Trends 2018, are you ready to play?

Top Trends

Glitter tits, Love Island, Veganism and Digital Doctors. What do they all have in common? They made it into our very own TLC Top Trends game of course.

We understand the importance of knowing a trend from a fad so, using our very own crystal ball (a.k.a Trend Tracker), we've turned the best-predicted trends coming up in 2018 into a fun card game. Some will make you laugh, some will shock you and some will make you think "why on earth are they not part of my marketing strategy?".

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Clare Warwick and Sophie Hockridge selected as IPM 30 under 30 finalists

30 under 30

Two of TLC Marketing’s ‘emerging talents’ have been welcomed to join the prestigious Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) 30 under 30 programme, which recognises up and coming talent in the industry.

Account Manager, Clare Warwick, and  Strategy Support Manager, Sophie Hockridge, will now have the chance to take part in a range of activities that are said to “enhance their capabilities” as well as equip them with new skills and knowledge that can be shared with the company and colleagues. They were both officially welcomed yesterday, 14th of December 2017, at The Arch in Marble Arch along with the other 28 candidates.

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There's a new superhero in town

Super-con Barclays

The first banking superhero has landed. In the build up to Christmas, also known as the month of sheer online shopping panic, Barclays have introduced a new champion to help keep us safe from virtual crooks. Newly launched and aptly named ‘Super-con’ is here to fight online crime and help keep your money safe.

No doubt you have spotted the TV ad by now, where Super-con is positioned as the must have Christmas toy. Forget the Batmobile of ’89, Barbie dolls of ’93 or the Furby’s of ’98, in 2017 every kid wants a Super-con figurine under the tree.  However all is not as it seems. The site is a scam set up to steal your account details with no intention of sending the toy to you. Highlighting the fact that unfortunately, tricks like this are more common than you may think. In fact online crimes now account for half of all crime reported in the UK.

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Supporting those who need it most at Christmas

The TLC Trust

After renovating a children’s care centre in the hot sun of Johannesburg, it’s time for the TLC Trust to help those closer to home, who are sleeping rough on the cold streets of London.

There are 8,000 homeless people in the capital and with so many people facing Christmas on the streets, we just had to do something. 

Working with The Spitalfields Crypt Trust, we’ve created an office collection box, where the generous TLC staff have been donating clothes and toiletries. We want each item to feel like a genuine gift, which is why we’ve enlisted our very own office ‘elves’ to help wrap up each item in christmassy paper and ribbon.

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The TLC Trust: A global mission

TLC Trust

As Christmas approaches, it's the time for giving and last week, TLC Marketing travelled to Johannesburg to make the lives of local children a little bit better.

Staff from as far as Italy and Portugal travelled to South Africa for an unconventional working week, as they rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in with the renovation of a children’s care centre. 

In partnership with JAM, we launched our charitable campaign in 2016, with the goal of creating better living conditions for rural Africans. Our latest venture has seen the much-needed renovation of the ‘Diepsloot Community Center’, meaning children can receive the education they deserve in a secure and safe environment. 

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Is the Uber Eats man even worse than the Trivago woman?

Uber Eats man

There seems to be a worrying trend emerging.

Plain expression models promoting brands are popping up everywhere. Staring down at us on our commute. Watching us from the back of toilet doors. Interrupting our relaxing browse through a magazine, it is an endless disruption.

Following on from the uninspiring ‘Trivago woman’ who in no way spurred us on to book a hotel, rather the opposite, causing uproar among advertisers and creatives alike. Standing vacantly beside a search engine she got under the skin of many in the industry and she was not easy to ignore. Her face has been plastered all over the tube stations in London as a constant reminder on our commute of the lack of creativity, leaving us all wondering “How the hell did that get signed off?” To my dismay the Uber Eats team seem to have taken their advertising cues from the comparison site too.

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Love thy neighbour part II

The team tells us about their neighbours

In our last article, we set out to discover if our London neighbours proved or disproved the old wives tale that Londoners aren’t friendly. In part II, we have our final neighbourhood watch stories to help figure out if Londoners are indeed friends or foes.

Chloe Johnson, Premiums Account Manager.

Our neighbours house was like our second home when we were young and living in Brexley. They even helped to babysit us occasionally. Rather than running to the shop when we were running low on everyday essentials, they would always be happy to help out and we’d always repay the favour. We even had a gate built into the fence when we were younger so we could flutter between theirs and ours rather than knocking on each other’s front door. After moving, we now only say hello to our current neighbours.

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Love thy neighbour

Love thy neighbour

Following on from our Home Movers research, which identified that Londoners are not particularly bothered if they move to a friendly neighbourhood or not, we decided to have some fun with our very own Londoners in the TLC office. 

During our research of 1,000 people, we asked, “What was an important factor when deciding where to live?”. Outside of London, a friendly neighbourhood was the 4th most important factor to our respondents. However, in the capital, the want of a friendly neighbourhood ranked near the bottom in 7th place. 

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London universities still top choice despite looming debts


Recent findings show that London is the most sort after location for university studies, despite the city being the fifth most expensive place in the world to be a student. 

Our study of 1,000 people found that 33% of students had relocated to London, for university, as part of their last house move. They chose the expensive capital instead of venturing elsewhere in the UK, despite the cost of living and house prices being the most important considerations pre move.

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TV licence not important to home movers


Section 363 of the Communications Act 2003 states that without a TV licence, it is against the law to watch or record any live TV programmes as they’re being shown on a television. So, why does it sit so low on the priority list for home movers?

Our recent survey of 1,000 people found that despite the threat of a heavy fine, the purchase of a TV licence for their new household ranked below buying new furniture, a fridge or a dishwasher. Surprisingly, the most important purchase for a new home is the internet, which came above insurance in second place.

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Eat. Sleep. Rent. Repeat.


Our recent study of 1,000 home movers shows that just under half of Londoners are living in rented accommodation, which is estimated to swallow up more than half of their salary.  

The survey, conducted by our PR and Marketing team, found that 48% of the capitals city-goers are still renting, with the majority living in shared accommodation. This includes 6% who still live with their parents and contribute to bills. London’s renting figures are a stark contrast compared to the rest of the UK, where only 38% of those outside the capital are renting alone, in shared accommodation or contributing to bills whilst living with parents.

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TLC partners with Design My Night to discover the ins of dining out


After an amazing 1,000 respondents to our last piece of research, TLC wants to dig deeper into the minds of consumers. 

The restaurant industry is a lucrative trade. With so many options available to us from breakfast to brunch to Mexican to Chinese, we're certainly spoilt for choice when deciding where to eat. With a wide array of options available to the public, there's rumours that restaurants are struggling to compete.

We've partnered with Design My Night, the innovative website that plans and books tailored nights out, to bring to you our Dining Out Survey. With many questions we want answering, we need your help.

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Part II DMA presents Customer Engagement: Travel with Mike Brinn and Rob Scott

DMA presents Customer Engagement; Travel with Mike Brinn and Rob Scott

Last month Mike Brinn, Global Loyalty Director and Rob Scott, Group Creative Director were invited to share their experience on how to build a successful loyalty scheme by driving true customer engagement. Here is what we learnt from the session.

“You need your customers more than they need you” isn’t a phrase uncommonly heard in the loyalty industry. It’s the customer centric approach we have been practicing for years and it’s never been more important as it is today. We live in challenging economic times that have forced consumers to be more considered with their spending. So how do you drive customer loyalty in a market demanding value for money?

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Fire round discussion with CX leaders of Shell and Ladbrokes Coral

CX with Shell and Ladbrokes Coral

This week we visited Technology for Marketing in London’s Olympia. A conference hall filled with the latest, greatest, and some not so great technology all designed to help make our lives as marketers that bit easier. 

In between the stands were insightful, and again some not so insightful, Keynote speakers. One we found particularly interesting was a panel discussion with CX leaders, Mark Harrison, Customer Excellence Manager for Shell and Kristof Fahy, Chief Customer Officer for Ladbrokes Coral. The panel was chaired by David Hicks, CEO of TribeCX.

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The Local Business Network: celebrating community spirit and local trade

Local Business Network

The Local Business Network has been created to encourage shoppers to stay local. Open exclusively to independent stores and small chains, businesses such as local florists, bakeries and dry cleaners are being hand-picked to join. Our Partnerships and Content team have been reaching out to the best in each town and your company could be next. 

We understand that independent businesses are at the heart of the community, so promoting shoppers to spend their money locally, at these companies, will see small businesses prosper.

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Part I: DMA presents customer engagement in travel

DMA Customer Engagement Travel

It’s no secret, there is a real opportunity for brands and agencies to get holiday-goers really excited for their trip. Equally, there is also a lot of opportunity to get things wrong. Stakes and customer expectations are high so even the slightest damper of spirits can quickly escalate into an aggressively typing or verbal rant.

The DMA and Foresight Factory carried out some consumer research into what makes good customer engagement, by speaking to consumers themselves. The base was 2,009 online respondents in Britain aged 16 and over. Here’s what they found.

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Home movers, have your say…


Have you ever moved house before? If you have, then we need your help. Whether you've taken the plunge and moved into university halls, started the next chapter of your life with a partner or relocated your growing family into a bigger house, we want to know about your experience. 

While working on a client brief, we found many of us in the office have very different wants and needs when moving home, which inspired us to go one step further and conduct our own research. With the average Brit said to move eight times* in their life, TLC created the Home Movers Survey to discover the ins and outs of what it’s like to move in today’s world. With house prices continually rising, what drives the public to move today? Would people rather move into a new home with a friendly neighbourhood or good local Wi-Fi speeds?  

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Just Giving’s Danny Denhard on how social media is changing

Social Media

Another day, another inspirational talk. Yesterday, TLC Marketing were lucky enough to sit in the crowd as Mr Denhard, Marketing  Director at Just Giving, delivered an insightful (and also incredibly funny) presentation titled ‘Spray and Pray Marketing’.

With $4.5 billion raised for good causes and a 22 million strong community, the Just Giving audience is huge.

Here are just some of the insights that Danny shared with us. 

Social media gives us “dopamine kick”

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A year in the life of a PR and Marketing intern


Danielle joined TLC Marketing as a shy timid young lady from Bournemouth University’s Marketing Communications course. She left as a confident PR & Marketing Executive with published work on The Drum, comment pieces on the CIM and Bournemouth University’s sort after Student Ambassador job. We catch up with Danielle to find out what it is like to be a PR & Marketing intern at the IPM’s Agency of the Year.

What attracted you to TLC Marketing?

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Onwards and upwards for our Junior Account Executive

Billie Wilson

As the weather soared to record breaking levels in recent weeks, the summer season means two things for TLC Marketing. New beginnings but also goodbyes, as our interns bid farewell to the company on their return to Bournemouth University to conclude their final year of studies. 

Our Junior Account Executive, Billie Wilson, played a proactive part of the TLC team, with her biggest clients including Bupa, Vodafone and Braun, which won a Silver in the Household and Pet category at the IPM Awards

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The perks of being a Planning intern

Harriet Carter Planning Intern

Another year has flown by and we have yet another send off for our intern, Harriet Carter as she returns back to Bournemouth University for her final year in Marketing Communication. Harriet spent 12 months in the Planning department of TLC Marketing, working on an impressive 60 brands. After a great send off at Pergola on the Roof, we sit down with Harriet for an exclusive interview about her time as TLC’s Planning intern.  

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Exclusive interview with TLC's Chairman and GM on being Agency of the Year

Interview with Nick True and John Pearson Agency of the Year IPM

Winning the coveted 'Agency of the Year' title at the IPM Awards was a huge night for TLC Marketing. Our total haul was an amazing four Golds and a Silver with the night ending with the Agency of the Year trophy, presented by Claudia Winkleman. Two weeks later, we reflect on how far TLC Marketing have come in an exclusive interview with our Chairman and Founder, Nick True and General Manager John Pearson. 

Can you sum up what winning Agency of the Year means to you?

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Revealed: what millennials want from a fashion loyalty scheme

Fashion Retailers

Fashion retailers targeting millennials operate in a competitive and challenging trading environment. TLC Marketing decided to step in and uncover the retention challenges brands are currently facing, with a fashion loyalty survey of 100 UK millennials, investigating what it is that motivates them to stick with a fashion brand.

Millennials see fashion as an opportunity to express their individuality and personality. Understanding them in this way allows marketers to plan communications and loyalty schemes more appropriately – making the relationship a personal and unique one that fits into their lifestyle.
The industry is currently full of designer collaborations, discounts and promotional codes but there is a desire from millennials for emotional added value which will lead to an increase in spend and brand loyalty.

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eBook: 8 ways to increase your engagement with Mums

Mums eBook

Mums are the gatekeepers to the products and services the rest of the family use, so winning their approval is critical in becoming a household brand. Our new research explores how brands can better understand the individual behind the ‘Mum’ and produce better, more targeted communication that resonates with this audience. 

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Switching Energy suppliers is at a six year high

Switching energy providers

This week, SSE revealed they will be raising their prices by 7%, adding, on average, £73 to three million SSE customer bills. E.ON, ScottishPower, npower and EDF Energy have all recently upped their prices without showing customers anything in return and with account switching at a six year high it leaves us wondering what energy companies are planning on doing to retain those all important customers.

7.7 million Energy accounts were switched in 2016 representing a 1.7 million increase on 2015. Almost half of the 7.7 million switchers have opted for smaller suppliers as they tend to offer some of the most competitive deals in the market. 

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Marketing Week Live 2017: Breaking the Internet with Steve Bartlett

Marketing Week Live 2017 Breaking the internet with Steve Bartlett

Entrepreneurship is more successful than ever thanks to digital. Social has allowed many, like Social Chain’s CEO Steve Bartlett, to create successful business for themselves, recruiting a network of influencers that work with huge brands to target the savvy and conscious consumer.

Influencers have their own followers who look to them for tips, advice and entertainment in areas such as beauty, gaming, music and fitness. With all of these different types of influencers out there, each with tens of thousands of keen followers, brands from different sectors can all tap into the influential marketing tactic. After all, 40% of people don’t trust traditional advertising. 

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Marketing Week Live 2017: Understanding Gen Z

Marketing Week Live Understanding Gen Z

Understanding the consumer of tomorrow: the Gen Z mind-set

Generation Z, kidrepreneurs, iGeneration or according to Soundcloud’s Commercial Director, David Couch, ‘The Headphones On Generation’ are all marketing names given to those born between 1996 and 2010. They’re the generation brought up through the rise of Snapchat, Instagram and the ‘selfie’ but also hard financial times and are keen to look after their money and to make the world a better place. So how can marketers best engage with this next generation of consumers with big impact?

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'Outstanding' award from Best Companies as voted by TLC Marketing employees themselves

Best Companies awards TLC Marketing with 'outstanding'

TLC Marketing receive a Best Companies accreditation for a second year in a row, and this time it's two stars for "outstanding" employee engagement. The Best Companies survey examines the ins-and-outs of company life and this achievement comes solely from TLC staff voting our agency as the best company to work for. 

TLC Marketing live by one simple philosophy. Create campaigns that are rewarding for our clients, not only in terms of business but also in the experience of working with us. This philosophy is embedded deep within the company and shines through in our people-orientated culture too, with the idea that happy people create better work. After all TLC people are the bloodline of the company.

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Five Rules to a Successful Loyalty Scheme

Five Rules to a successful Loyalty Scheme

Download your free eBook, Five Rules to Running a Successful Loyalty Scheme, by our Global Loyalty Director, Mike Brinn.

Click here to download

What you will learn:

  • Insight from customers on what they say a successful scheme delivers to get them engaged
  • The importance of having a solid creative concept
  • How to make your loyalty scheme relevant in your customers lives
  • How to avoid becoming a discount scheme
  • How to deepen your relationship with your customers
  • How to defeat resistance from your IT department


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What is the Promotions Intelligence Index?

What is The Promotions Intelligence Index?

The Promotions Intelligence Index (Pii) is an exclusive collection of data taken from over 4,600 global sales promotions. Owned by TLC Marketing, it is constantly evolving and providing new insights that help us consult clients on what their customers really want.

What does Pii do?

•Pii allows us to be much more consultative with our clients as we propose concepts and creative backed up by real consumer data

•Helps our clients manage the risk of their campaigns by analysing the many variables effecting reward redemptions

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TLC Marketing announced as Finalists: National Undergraduate Employability Awards 2016

NUE Awards 2016

In our fifth year of proudly offering marketing experience to placement students we now have a growing placement scheme, a graduate success story and something special to shout about. TLC Marketing has been shortlisted for the Best Small to Medium-sized Employer Award at the National Undergraduate Employability Awards 2016.

The NUE Awards are entering their eighth year and continue to be the benchmark for success across organisations and students in the undergraduate market. Working alongside RateMyPlacement it exists to help students plan their careers and gain real world experiences to back up their theoretical studies. The awards have grown to become highly respected and influential within the higher education and recruitment space and are widely known as the ‘go to’ place for students.

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From brand side to agency life. Our PR and Marketing Manager one year on.

From brand side to agency life. Our PR and Marketing Manager one year on.

Not one to sit on the side-lines Emma is one of the world’s ‘Joiner-Inners’ and although she’s only been in the agency world for a year, she's a natural fit. As well as writing our award entries she crafts our press releases, crafts our website content and everything else that comes in the b2b marketing mix. 

As an agency we are more visible than ever so we sit down with Emma to find out what she thinks about the jump from brand side to agency life.

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What's it like to be an Account Exec at TLC Marketing?

Clare Warwick one year on

One year ago, Clare Warwick, joined TLC Marketing as an Account Executive. Today she celebrates her anniversary in the Client Services team. In her time here, Clare has independently managed a number of campaigns, been involved with some of the UK's leading brand marketing plans and enjoyed many of the TLC social events. We sit down with Clare to reflect on the past year.

What is the best thing about being an Account Executive?

The best thing about my role as an Account Executive in Client Services is definitely working on a wide array of different campaigns, as well as the diverse range of clients. I have the opportunity to work and build relationships with a number of household brands which is amazing. To see a campaign transform from an idea in a boardroom to a real live promotion is inspiring. My role means that I get to be a part of that journey from beginning to end. The best feeling is when a promotion goes live. I get so excited when I see all the hard work come to life be it through the promotional website, in-store or in magazines. There’s nothing like popping some champagne and celebrating hard with the team after a promotion launches!  

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Ditch discounting and discover the silver lining of Grey November

Black Friday Grey Novemeber

Black Friday and Cyber Monday originally marked the start of the festive season for Americans celebrating Thanksgiving, but ask any Brit on Oxford Street now and you’ll soon realise that it has been renowned as the ultimate shopping season. UK retailers have successfully adopted Black Friday into their marketing plans and seen sale figures grow until recently. The US noticed it first and now the UK retailers are feeling the wrath of ‘Grey November’. 

November has famously become the key month to shop for Christmas, but retailers have made the mistake of essentially training customers to wait for discounts on Black Friday. It began in the US, Cyber Monday sales were taking a larger chunk of Black Friday sales due to competitors lowering prices sooner to win over shoppers. Retailers have responded to new customer expectations of early access to deals by creating a whole month of price cutting, but discounting comes at a cost.

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Ben Savage, Senior Partnership and Content Manager one year on

Ben Savage TLC Birthday

12 months, two jobs, five pairs of moccasins and some questionably tight jeans. Today we celebrate Ben Savage's 1st birthday at TLC Marketing UK, as our Senior Partnership and Content Manager. Following his cross over from Business Development, Ben was welcomed into the Partnerships and Content team with open arms and has been a great addition over the year, thanks to his hard work and passion. 

We celebrate by finding out how he really feels about his role and what it’s like to work for the world’s leading rewards and incentives agency.

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Will your brand make the cut?

Professional Hair Network

In an increasingly hectic and busy world, we can often forget to make time for ourselves. TLC Marketing also know that customers want added value from brands*. As we are in the partnerships business we have combined these two findings, to create a high-value reward your brand can offer to incentivise customer engagement. 

Introducing our exclusive Professional Hair Network. Made up of independent salons, small chains and professional hair stylists across the UK and Ireland. We are now able to offer their services as the latest self-indulgent reward for your customers. With the average value standing at anything from £25, this rich reward and its high perceived value, will certainly stand a cut above price led and discounting alternatives. 

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DMA selects Rob Scott for the judging panel

DMA select Rob Scott as a judge

Rewardingly hard to win, the DMA Awards are one of the most prestigious events in the marketing calendar. It’s an opportunity for brands and agencies alike to come together and celebrate the UK’s ferocious commitment to producing outstanding work. 

Judges are made up of senior decision makers, predominately from agencies and brands who are experts in either art, copy, data, planning, media or are considered to be category specialists. This year that includes our very own Group Creative Director, Rob Scott who among many things is an expert when it comes to creative strategy and art direction.

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Fish and chips crowned the nations favorite takeaway

Fish and Chips the nations favourite takeaway

Back in April, The Evening Standard announced that fish and chips had taken the crown as the nation’s favourite takeaway. With 382 million portions of fish and chips consumed each year from 10,500 UK outlets, it’s no wonder the traditional dish is battering the competition. 

Most chip lovers are motivated to buy fish and chips when socialising - whether it’s watching the football at home or having a drink with friends at the pub. 

So what did we do at TLC Marketing? We took the emotional element of the customer purchase and wrapped it up as a TLC added value lifestyle reward. We’ve been busy building an exclusive network of fish and chip shops, able to offer a free portion as part of a promotional reward campaign.

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Join Alec & the TLC Trust

Alec Johnson for TLC Trust

Call me crazy, I started 2016 with a very cold sea swim in Swansea Bay inspired by a friend who does all that Iron Man stuff. I was spurred on to believe I can actually do this three discipline thing. Coupled with the admiration of the workers helping the poor little children of the school in that desperate township in Jo'Burg, I took the challenge of training all year for a hat trick of triathlons.

So, TLC made the decision to focus our global attention on the school, where we have made a little contribution, to make a big difference. I'm also two triathlons down and one to go so 6 weeks away from completing my goals.
This isn't a begging bowl for the charity, nor is it about me in any way. It's a communication to invite anybody that wishes to help that little bit towards our beautiful goal to rebuild a nice environment for the future of the school, so without any obligation at all, please feel free to donate any spare change for this fabulous cause.

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Lisa Davies joins the DMA Customer Engagement Committee

Lisa Davies, Managing Director of TLC Marketing B2C is now on the DMA Customer Engagement Committee.

We are delighted to announce that Lisa Davies, Managing Director of TLC Marketing B2C is now on the DMA Customer Engagement Committee. Lisa is well versed when it comes to customer engagement marketing. Unpicking the complexities that often come with information handling and management, analysis, strategy and planning to deliver award-winning campaigns. 

So when the DMA approached her to be on their Customer Engagement Committee it was a no-brainer.

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What's the best thing about being a Junior Art Director?

David Hughes celebrates two years as TLC MArketing Junior Art Director

Our Dave, AKA “Rodders” is TLC’s talented Junior Art Director and banterous Northerner. Today he’s celebrating his 2nd TLC Marketing birthday. When he’s not crafting award worthy concepts, he’s art directing and bringing his ideas to life through his illustrations. Dave is creative to the core which is why you’ll spot him at his desk when you walk in and still there when you leave, powered by his morning cereal and Uber Eats.

Despite claiming himself as more of a pictures man, we managed to get a few words out of him. Here are Dave's best bits about working for the world's leading rewards and incentives agency.

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What is it like to be an intern at a global marketing agency?

Zoe Fields, our client services account executive intern

Here at TLC Marketing we love taking on university students as part of their placement year. We see a real benefit in their fresh outlook and supporting them to become young marketing professionals. The TLC family extends as interns are welcomed with real marketing responsibilities. They are an important part of them team from the outset.

So after a year of exciting briefs, communications and projects, it is time for our wonderful Zoe Fields to return back to university to complete her final year. Zoe was a Bournemouth University Marketing and Communications intern when she came to TLC, but left as a skilled Account Executive in our dedicated Client services department. We're sad to see Zoe go, but can take pride in how she has grown as a marketing professional. As first semester approaches, we sat down with Zoe and reflected on a year with TLC Marketing.  

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What happens when an ex-punk rocker and an ex-professional footballer go to The Palace and meet the Queen?

The Queen with Nick True and Alec Johnson

The UK is packed full of entrepreneurs and business leaders, but how many of them form a duo where one has toured with R.E.M. and the other has nine International caps for the Welsh Football Association? 

Nick True, ex-punk rocker and current Chairman and Founder of TLC Marketing has performed at some of the UK’s most iconic venues including numerous times at the famous Marquee Club which hosted the world’s most legendary talent including, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. His band toured with Bo diddley, The Smiths, The Alarm and The Boomtown Rats to name a few.

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A year in the life of a Planning intern

Sophie Lyndon TLC Marketing Marketing and Communications Intern from Bournemouth University

Here at TLC Marketing we take pride in our internship programme. Each year we take on interns so they can complete a 12 month work placement as part of their university degree. Our interns aren’t tea makers or admin fillers. They are planners, client service executives, PR and marketing assistants; they are an integral part of the TLC team and treated just the same as any other employee. So when that internship ultimately comes to an end, we all feel like we’ve lost a member of the TLC family. 

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Can your creative strategy survive at the sharp end?

Can your creative strategy survive at the sharp end?

InsurancePOST and InsuranceAge invited Rob Scott our group creative director to present his 20+ years of expertise at their first Insurance Marketing and PR Conference which took place in the morning of their annual awards ceremony. 

The conference brought together insurance marketers, brokers and agency directors for a series of panel discussions and presentations which all referred back to one key message, how to be more human

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How to execute a global b2b communications strategy

TLC Marketing change their worldwide logo to royal blue

On the 21st April, TLC Marketing became the first promotional marketing agency to win a Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade. In light of our prestigious and rare award win we changed our worldwide logo to royal blue and devised our first global communications strategy spanning nine international markets, with the aim of increasing inbound opportunities and driving social media engagement. So how did we do?

Born out of the UK office, (also home to TLC HQ), a calendar of creative multi-channel activity was devised and shared with the other PR & Marketing Managers across the world. A combination of targeted direct mail, email, social media and press coverage was planned and adapted to suit each market.

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What really counts when your customer reaches the purchasing tipping point? 

Rob Scott, Group Creative Director at TLC Marketing Worldwide

As sales targets continue to grow and retention and churn figures are analysed minute by minute, what relevance does creative hold in the buying process?

Rob Scott, Group Creative Director will be demonstrating unusual ways a creative strategy can be exploited beyond obvious channels at the Insurance Marketing and PR Conference on 10th June. 

The basic fundamentals of marketing have changed in the past decade. There is a stronger need to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. It’s not just about analysing data and targeting your ‘audience segment’. It’s about being human and ‘real’ and not compromising on your brand personality.

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Revealed: what's it like working as a Planning Director?

Ben Fillery, Planning Director, TLC Marketing UK & Ireland

Two years ago, Ben Fillery joined TLC Marketing as a Strategic Planner. Today he celebrates his anniversary as Planning Director of our UK and Ireland business. Ben is not your typical Director, but then TLC is not your typical agency. Our last Christmas party was themed “Trashy Classy”, Ben came into the office as normal, claiming he’d forgotten all about the dress code. As the rest of us were busy sticking TLC tattoos on our neck, Ben slipped away to the bathroom and emerged as a 6ft 8, multi-coloured pimp, strutting in with a cane, platforms and lots of leopard print as if it was perfectly normal. But that's our Ben.

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Vicki celebrates two years as our Partnerships and Content Manager

Vicki Barnes celebrates two years as partnerships and content manager for TLC Marketing

If you’ve been following our activity you’ll know TLC love a celebration and that’s because we have a lot to celebrate. Today we’re honouring Vicki Barnes, our UK Partnerships and Content Manager who has been with us now for two years. In her time Vicki has introduced TLC Marketing to many new partners, bringing them on board, and pairing them with some of the UK's biggest promotions. We sit down with Vicki to find out what have been her best bits over the past two years. 

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Martin Covill, eight years and still counting...


Martin Covill, Director of Business, is one of the longest reigning members of staff at TLC Marketing and today marks his 8th year at the agency. In his time Martin has seen it all. From our early beginnings at a small Baker Street office, to where we are now with three floors and offices spanning all over the world. So what have been the best bits for Martin at TLC?

What’s your favourite thing about working for TLC Marketing? 

After 8 years, I can’t say just one thing… 

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TLC raise £163 for Sport Relief

TLC raise £165 for Sport Relief

Friday 18th March saw the TLC Marketing UK get sporty in their pyjamas. Everyone from global heads to senior executives came to work in their pyjamas, dressing gowns and animal onesies all in aid of Sport Relief. 

Sport Relief is a charity event which comes around every other year, from the same organisers as Comic Relief. For a three day period, and in association with sponsors and celebrities, the world of sport and entertainment come together to raise money for vulnerable people both the UK and across the globe. 

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How can your brand capitalise on the biggest summer events?

How can your brand capitalise on the UK's summer events?

The UK Summer is renowned for being too hot, too cold and too wet, but it is also known for being damn right awesome! Here are just some of the reasons people will be visiting the UK this summer.

Royal Ascot

Visitors: 300,000 across the five days and is the most valuable race day in Britain. Why not offer your guests a free bet or beauty treatment for the ladies to get them race day ready? Have a look at just some of the rewards we offer here.

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How can your brand capitalise on the biggest spring events?

How can your brand capitalise on the UK's spring events

Spring time: the days get brighter, our winter shackles begin to shed and there are suddenly people are feeling a little happier about life in general; and why wouldn't they. Look at what events the UK has to offer this spring.


The London Marathon

Visitors: 38,000 runners, of which 4,535 participate from overseas with an average of 75,000 spectators lining the streets. In 2010 an estimated £27m was pumped into hotel bookings, food and drink by spectators alone. Don’t miss out on the action. Read how we helped EE capitalise on our nation's love of fitness by rewarding their customers with a free Fitbit.

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How can your brand capitalise on the UK's biggest events?

How can your brand capitalise on the big uk events

2016 is set to be a great year for the UK. The plethora of events happening across the country will mean thousands of tourists from the UK and abroad will be flocking to our cities to experience the very best in sporting, music and cultural occasions. However with sponsors already in place for the major events, how can your brand still embrace occasion and for just a fraction of the cost?

Across the next pages we have listed some of the biggest events in the 2016 calendar and provided some ideas on how you can increased the perceived value of your products and services, without having to slash your prices. 

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The Frankies: awarding staff excellence

The Frankies: awarding staff excellence

Every year TLC Marketing hold their internal awards ceremony, The Frankies. 

In honour of Frank True, the awards are designed to bring together every TLC team from around the world to celebrate staff members who have gone above and beyond in their roles. Every TLC member of staff casts their vote anonymously and the results are tallied up to reveal the winners on the day/night (depending what part of the world we are in).

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Millennials: a marketing nightmare or dream come true?

Five truths about Millennials

We break it down into five simple truth’s that’ll change your outlook on the most over-marketed group in history.


Not all Millennials are the same

From the ‘Hip-ennial’ to the ‘Millennial Mum, this a group with wide varying aspirations and lifestyle behaviors.  It is impossible to connect to them all in the same way, so don’t take the one size fits all, and if you do, don’t be surprised if your campaign performs below expectations.

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FMCG: putting the personal back into personal care

FMCG: putting the personal back into personal care

The FMCG personal care industry is living in an exciting time. The lines between what is human and what is technology are becoming even more blurred as revolutionary advancements take over. However whilst brands are hunting for the smartest data and ground-breaking formula they should also be understanding what influences their personal care customer outside of their brand. 

Jane Henderson, Global President of Beauty and Personal Care Division at Mintel said, “We are living in exciting times with revolutionary advancements in technology, brand partnerships and product development…” 

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The Christmas brief: your best friend or your worst enemy?

The Christmas brief: your best friend or your worst enemy?

The time has come, we are officially allowed to start counting down to Christmas which, at TLC means cracking open our advent calendars and replacing our usual playlist for something more festive. Nonetheless Christmas has been in our faces for weeks and the hot topic in the marketing press has been the television adverts. So we decided to have a discussion of our own, and sat down with TLC’s in house creative team to get their opinions on the adverts this year.

We started by tucking into the Marks & Spencer, The Art of Christmas ad. "I don't think I've seen Marks and Spencer this year" says Art Director Helen Connolly, but as it starts to play, "Oh yes. I have…" Followed by a quick "Oh no" This year we've been bombarded with a nightmarishly amount of products, and does very little in telling us any sort of story at all. Perhaps an attempt at differentiating themselves, making the brand younger, but is that what we want from a brand we have all grown up with? What happened to the “Magic and Sparkle” of the luxury and quality in which they've stood for all these years? And about that song! “The most overplayed song of 2015” claims Helen which, not only has no relevance to Christmas or the DNA of Marks and Spencer, it’s sung by an American. 

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Revealed: Festival of Marketing 2015 top three takeaways

TLC Marketing reveal their top three takeaways from the Festival of Marketing 2015

As marketers we are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage with our audience, be it through social media, creative content, email, direct mail, or experiential experiences. At TLC Marketing we are always using the latest insight into consumer behaviour to inspire our campaigns and drive engagement for our clients. Below are our top three takeaways from the Festival of Marketing, including a couple from our clients at The Post Office and Direct Line.

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How to stand out from the Black Friday noise

How to stand out from the Black Friday noise

This Friday (27th November) we will experience brand cruelty of the highest order. Retailers across the UK will be putting their reputation on the line, slashing prices and devaluing their products in a potentially irreversible sacrifice of brand prestige, in the name of Black Friday. 

This move aims to increase sales in the run up to Christmas, however is this surge of aggressive discounting a viable strategy when you consider the negative publicity and poor consumer experience it is renowned for? Do consumers really want to be battling it out over the last remaining cut price television? Do they want to feel pressured into buying things they don’t really need? At TLC we know they don’t, and we’re not alone. High street giants have started to wise up by reducing their participation or scraping Black Friday all together.

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IDMA Loyalty Conference reveals how to show customers the love

IDMA Loyalty Conference shows us how to show customers the love

How do we make people really feel loved? How do we win their hearts and minds? We met the experts at the IDMA Loyalty Conference in Dublin to find out from the leaders, innovators, challengers, and disruptors what tips and tricks really ensure customers to be loyal.


1.The D-word

In one word. Data.  But not the scary ‘big data’ stuff, it’s the ‘small data’ we need to pay attention to (Tim France, ceo iProspect).   Data itself is neither emotional nor inspirational, but what it tells you is. By truly understanding what the data represents, you can uncover a wealth of insights that will help you build a real lasting relationship.

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Reel happiness - cinema makes people happier researched has revealed

Cinema makes people happier researched has revealed

Cinema makes people happier. Fact. * Findings from research commissioned by Warc captured “happiness levels” for five different channels and established that these were highest before, and highest after the cinema, leading to a positive impact on levels of engagement and creating a uniquely valuable environment for brands to engage.

Understanding happiness is something society has wrestled with since time immemorial. What some of this qualitative research found is that people weren’t simply being entertained in the cinema, they were strengthening relationships and focusing on this shared experience. In doing so respondents identified their visit to the cinema had helped them to address some of the pressures of life that impact negatively on their overall happiness.

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Yakult survey reveals 'cultured Brits'

Yakult celebrates 80th anniversary with on-pack ‘Culture Pass’ promotion

Owning a library card, watching subtitled films and being skilled with a pair of chopsticks are among the traits which make you cultured, according to Brits. 

Seven in ten Brits consider themselves ‘cultured’, revealed a study of 2,000 – but the majority admit to not knowing exactly what the term means.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘cultured’ as ‘improved by education and training; possessed of or characterized by culture, esp. with reference to the arts and intellectual pursuits; refined, cultivated.’

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Be A Life Saver. No one deserves to die at sea.

TLC Trust launches refugee initiative

Last year over 3400 people drowned fleeing for a better life. 

One family couldn’t stand by and just watch, they bought a boat and equipped a crew that saved 3000 people in 60 days. This year with the Global Refugee Crisis, they need our help. 

As part of the TLC Trust, we’re coming together to raise money for the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), the crew of international humanitarians, security, medical staff and maritime officers who are back at sea preventing more catastrophes. 

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Make consumers lives easier, happier and healthier to win the retail battle

‘The Meaningful Brands UK Retail Report 2015’ ranks the top 10 performing retail brands in the context of meaningfulness

‘The most meaningful retail brands achieve competitive advantage when their product, service and business ethic relate directly back to improving people’s lives at the individual level’ - reports Havas from their recent ‘Meaningful Brands UK Retail Report 2015.’  Interesting stuff.  But what does ‘meaningful’ actually mean?

Being ‘Meaningful,’ according to HAVAS, is measured against three key areas: 

1.Excellent product/service

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TLC Marketing UK makes UK Agency Award shortlist

TLC Marketing UK makes UK Agency Award shortlist

We’re over the moon to be shortlisted for a UK Agency Award 2015 – in the Direct Marketing Mail campaign (for an agency promotion) category – for The Campaign for Added Value Everywhere.

The UK Agency Awards is the UK’s first awards recognising excellence in the way that agencies are run, marketed and grown.  The awards are open to all creative, design, digital, marketing, advertising, media and public relations agencies that are based in the UK, and are judged by 30 leading in-house professionals in marketing, communications, advertising and digital from some of the UK’s biggest and best brands.

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TLC Marketing explains importance of relationship marketing

TLC Marketing explains importance of relationship marketing

Building real value in brands today requires a new approach to marketing and the goal of building long-term relationships with customers.

TLC USA CEO Mike Scalera sat down with industry expert and CEO of Loyalty 360 Mark Johnson to talk 'Relationship Marketing' and TLC’s unique approach to promotions. The segment, hosted by Donald Trump Jnr explores the importance of connecting with customers on an emotional level and how this approach is leading the way in increasing sales and creating brand advocacy, loyalty & retention for TLC’s clients. 

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Waitrose’s latest loyalty initiative allows shoppers to pick their own offers

Waitrose unveil “game-changing” personalised loyalty scheme 'Pick your own'

Waitrose has unveiled a “game-changing” personalised loyalty marketing initiative as part of the latest move in the supermarket price war.

So called ‘Pick your own,’ the programme allows customers to pick their own 10 products that they would consistently like to receive a 20% discount on.   Not only does it tap into the ever popular personalization trend, answering the common complaint that supermarkets only provide deals and offers that suit them, it also creates a discount that is clear and transparent.

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Is the customer the new CEO? Strategy director Tim Lawler reveals all

Is the customer the new CEO? Strategy director Tim Lawler reveals his thoughts in The DRUM

Our very own global strategy director Tim asks whether the customer really is the new CEO in industry publication The DRUM...

With NPS fast becoming the go-to index of marketing ROI for CEOs – and other three-letter abbreviations on the march – it’s about time.   

 British Gas actually refer to NPS as being their “religion” and their (yes…) DNA. Metro Bank claims a 100% customer focus, citing profit as “the by-product of amazing customer experience”. Their aim is to “create fans not customers”. (Insight taken from Marketing Magazine’s CX Edge Conference).

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Adding value everywhere: TLC Marketing take home gold and silver trophies at the IPM Awards 2015

TLC Marketing win gold and silver trophies at the IPM Awards 2015

TLC Marketing UK has won not one but TWO Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards for their very-own B2B campaign  - Added Value Everywhere (A.V.E.).

The IPM Awards are the promotional marketing industry’s most highly regarded awards  – and the agency were lucky enough to take home trophies in both the categories they entered: GOLD in the Direct Marketing Campaign AND SILVER in the ‘Best ​Use of ​Innovation in a ​B2B ​Campaign ​Using ​Incentive or Promotional Marketing 

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We’re a ‘Recommended Agency’ thanks to our clients and the RAR!

TLC is a London ‘recommended agency’ thanks to marketing consultancy RAR!

We’ve been highly rated by our clients and have achieved 'Recommended Agency' status!

The RAR (The Recommended Agency Register) is the industry’s leading agency listing and rating register that provides companies with a way to rate creative agencies on key indicators such as service, value for money and technical ability.

The great thing about this status is that you, our amazing clients, have considered our work to be a high enough standard to take the time to visit RAR's website and rate us highly.  A happy client is the highest form of compliment that we can hope for and is a hallmark that represents the importance we place on all aspects of service delivery.

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TLC lands spot in the Sunday Times International Track 200

TLC lands the Sunday Times International Track 200 list

We’re so proud to announce we’ve been selected to be feature in the Sunday Times International Track 200.

The league ranks Britain's mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales, measured over their latest two years of available accounts.  And we’re lucky to be featured in  the 2015 edition.

The supplement will be out in July – so keep your eyes peeled.

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We treat everyone like royalty

Marketing Week ad - Royal baby origami crown

We’ve piggybacked on the royal birth by creating our very own press advert in Marketing Week which communicates our core belief - that everybody should be rewarded.

Whilst many other brands are celebrating the arrival of Princess Charlotte we are offering everyone the chance to feel like one themselves with a 'free crown' in the form of origami instructions – using the print/paper medium to the max!  Our rewards aren't exclusive to one lucky winner, or a prize for the few… they're for everyone.

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Grocer reveals top 100 brands

Grocer reveals top 100 FMCG brands

The latest intelligence on the 100 biggest brands is hot of the press from The Grocer.

But what has been particularly striking about the last year has been the relentless focus on price being leveraged by the Supermarkets to influence their listing of FMCG brands.  Here’s a nice summary of how this has affected some of those big brands:

·         The average price of 41 of the 100 biggest brands has fallen in the past year

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Mobile leads desktop in UK

Mobile overtakes desktop in the UK

Interesting developments in the world of digital. According to insights provider eMarketer, now is the time mobile use has officially overtaken laptop/desktop consumption in the UK!

This year will see a tipping point in the media consumption habits of UK adults as the (non-voice) time spent on mobile devices overtakes that spent on desktops and laptops.

The latest estimates of media consumption from insights provider eMarketer indicate that during 2015 UK adults will spend an average of 2 hours and 26 minutes a day on mobile compared to 2 hours and 13 minutes on desktop/laptop.

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Marketing trend report 2015: the omnichannel experience

Trend report the omnichannel experience

We asked our very in-the-know planning director Ben Fillery, what he thought was the hot marketing topic for 2015 – and why this will have the most impact on the industry.


What trend do you see having the most impact on the industry in the coming year?

Omni-channel marketing.   It’s the seamless experience a consumer gets from both a physical and digital channel. According to MIT’s report ‘Beyond the checkout Cart” more than 80% of store shoppers check prices online. Consumers are going from screen to store and store to screen throughout the shopper journey process. The shopper journey is no longer linear from trigger, consideration, review, purchase and evaluation, consumers will move between each decision point of the shopper journey until they are ready to make that all important purchase.

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Campaign for Added Value Everywhere scoops a COMMENDATION award in The DRUM Marketing Awards

TLC lands commendation award at The DRUM Marketing Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that our already award-winning B2B campaign has scooped yet another award - this time it’s for a DRUM Marketing Award– B2B Strategy category!

For those of you who don’t know about our Campaign for Added Value Everywhere (AVE) – it’s a tongue-in-cheek charity style campaign to highlight the danger to brands of continued discounting and price cutting, (it has won a DMA Award so far).

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'The customer is the new CEO' - our top 5 take-aways from customer experience event CX Edge

Our top five take-aways from the customer experience event - CX Edge

“Profit is the bi product of amazing customer experience” 


- said a very wise man (the MD of Metro Bank) at Marketing Magazine’s CX Edge event.


We took away not only these words of wisdom plus many more golden nuggets which can really impact the customer experience, and how the big brands are using data most efficiently to target them and serve the right message and/or product to the right person at the right time (something we know all about).

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TLC Marketing gets nosey in aid of Comic Relief

Red Nose Day rebrand in aid of Comic Relief

For one week only we’ll be supporting Comic Relief by covering our brand in Red Noses. How does it work?

Well, the more people get Nosey about us, the Nosier we get! You’ll have noticed we’ve already Red Nosed our website, social media and presentations, and our office and staff are next!   We’re also hosting a Comic Relief fancy dress party on Red Nose Day – this Friday 13 March.

Of course, we’ll be donating too and if you’d like to join us in our support you can head over to our donation page here

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Three brands whose content marketing isn't all about product sales*

content marketing article from TLC Marketing by Tamar Riley, image credits to littlevisuals.co

*Although we're pretty sure they've had a good ROI

As consumers back away from push marketing and traditional medias - content marketing continues to thrive. According to research by Altimeter, in 2014 only 26% of marketers invested in content distribution, although more than half believed they needed to. In the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks report, 58% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets this year.

In fact many brands are becoming so focused on their content they've turned into full media houses, churning out content with a well oiled internal engine.  

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Our UK creative team's top five super bowl ads

Superbowl campaigns - our views from TLC Marketing

Clash of Clans: Revenge

It's an easy crowd pleaser to put a popular celebrity into an ad but Liam Neeson, star of the Taken films, fits nicely into the revenge culture of Clash of Clans. Alongside an already very popular, humorous and irreverent tv campaign it's a proven recipe for Super Bowl success.

With our serious heads on though it does the job of showing off the product whilst Neeson brings the permission for the mostly male, jock audience to entertain the idea of mobile gaming.

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Our top predictions for Marketing in 2015

TLC Marketing's agency predictions for trends in 2015

Technology continuing to drive change
We predict neuro-marketing techniques crossing into mainstream marketing territory. With big players such as Neilson leading this movement we see this becoming more accessible in 2015. Planning will play a crucial role in the push & pull relationship between creative and data. The question of whether it’s used correctly, pre or post production is yet to be debated.

Complexities of marketing streamlined
We expect a burst of new businesses aimed at helping marketing professionals simplify their work load. The breadth of channels, the volume of data and the expectation of real time responses will drive companies to look for simplifying solutions. According to Adobe Sixty-four percent of marketers expect their role to change in the next year and thirty three percent are confused over their role and responsibilities.

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Christmas at TLC Marketing

Christmas at TLC

Merry Christmas everyone from TLC Marketing!

We asked some of our collegues to participate in a little quiz for your entertainment: 

Rob Scott, Global Creative Director

Fantasy Christmas Dinner Guest
The Queen – then my  parents wouldn’t have to leave the table to watch her speech.

Favourite Christmas TV Commercial
Mulberry Win Christmas – I love the insight about the competitive nature of gifting and the fact that it’s prepared to bite the middle class hand that feeds it  ( though I suspect as many Mulberry bags are bought by those without parents who live in ‘The Old Vicarage’)

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TLC Marketing are delighted to announce their award at the Ifs ProShare Awards

TLC Marketing at the awards ceremony for ifs Proshare

TLC Marketing are thrilled to announce their success at the ifs ProShare awards.

Companies from the travel, insurance, property, banking, communications and retail sectors were the big winners at the 2014 annual ifs ProShare Awards for their contribution to fostering employee share ownership in what has been a busy year for mergers and  acquisitions, corporate restructurings and IPOs.  

Among the big winners on the night were TLC Marketing for their efforts in fostering employee share ownership among SMEs, in the category “Best commitment to employee share ownership for small companies with fewer than 250 employees”.

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Andy Stanton joins the team

Andy stanton joins the agency at UK Creative Director

TLC Marketing UK are delighted to annouce their latest addition to the team...

Andy Stanton has joined the London office as the UK Creative Director.

Andy has spent this career in London based BTL/Brand Activation agencies including roles as Creative Director at Grasshopper, The Big Kick, Toucan and now TLC.

A hands-on strategic thinking, conceptualising, drawing, writing, designing type of bloke, he has spent most of his working days striving to get the most creative and effective response out of every brief to avoid the sense of mind numbing guilt and self loathing that would ensue if he didn't.

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Christmas spending trends

Adding value to your campaigns this Christmas

Despite increasing consumer confidence we're seeing some stats which won't excite retailers this Christmas.

Only 1 in 20 consumers questioned by Shopper Centric will be spending more on Christmas if they have more cash available. So what does this tell us? Well that UK shoppers are still very cautious with their present buying, 44% sticking to a tight budget (rising to 60% for those who are lacking confidence in the economy).

Consumers will be looking for added value this holiday season. Yesterday the Metro newspaper gave a break down which supermarkets provide the best value per ingredient of a Christmas dinner (sprouts from Aldi if you were wondering).

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Wearables for Christmas 2014?

wearable technology

Here at TLC we're all debating the next top Christmas gift/ toy for this year... and there's one buzzword we keep hearing - wearables.

According to Futuresource's new report the wearables market has seen strong growth in 2014 to date with worldwide shipments in Q3 totalling 12.6m units, up 39% from 9.8m in Q3 2013.

Futuresource expects full year wearables sales of 52m units across all wearables categories, up 32% year-on-year.

But this is a product category that over the last few years that has only seen early adopters, keen athletes and Google employees on board...but it's about to snowball into the mainstream in a big way - the question is when.

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The future of social media for teens

Social media for teens

Digital technology is both marketing's friend and foe. It's evolving the advertising landscape at a dramatic pace.

With online streaming services like Spotify that allows you to avoid ads, with Sky Plus allowing you to fast forward ads into an indistinguishable blur, radio listening figures in decline, most marketers have invested heavily in social.  And it's no surprise - teenagers today are a mobile-first generation, 44 percent of teenagers were smartphone users in 2013 (eMarketer), and that number is expected to increase to almost 75 percent over the next three years.

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Our top 3 Halloween campaigns

Toyota campaign for Halloween

Here at TLC we've been working the graveyard shift hoping to be spooked by some creative campaigns ... and we've not found many! The US's influence on this calendar period hasn't reached many brands but instead the retailers. But are the brands missing a trick? Our creative team have compiled their top 3!

Runner up:

Krispy Kreme

I noticed this in Tesco the other day. Krispy Kreme are doing a few things for Halloween this year, but the one that was most clearly advertised was the taste your fate promotion they're running. Essentially it's a special doughnut that they've launched. When you bite into the doughnut you find out if you have been 'tricked' with a fizzy lime filling or 'treated' with a chocolate truffle filling. The POS featured the line 'We dare you to taste your fate', which I thought was a nice way of egging people (especially kids) into having a go. I think this is a pretty fun idea, introducing a challenge element into the promotion rather than just getting something free.

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Dipping our toe into Neuromarketing

TLC Marketing blog on camera campaigns

"Neuromarketing" has been a buzz word for the last few years, particularly fuelled by Admap's hunger to get marketers to understand this science and bring it into our agencies. According to Thom Noble, founder of NeuroStrata we've now reached our 'dipping point' (according to him we're now ready to dip our toe in the water to test it out).

TLC Marketing had the pleasure of listening to Thom earlier this week at the Warc event in London. At the event he was joined on stage by Michael E Smith, VP at Nielsen Neuro. The discussion covered uses of fMRI, coding and EEG and how together these tools can build a picture of unconcious consumer reactions. 

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Award winning campaigns

Agency team picking up the Clarins campaign award

TLC Marketing is proud to announce the amazing results from the 11th Press and Outdoor Key Award in Italy, organized by Media Key. The prestigious event took place in Milan Iulm university on Tuesday October 7th, 2014.

The agency was awarded with a glorious first place for both “Puoi Contare su Clarins” and “A cena in buona compagnia” (Direct Line) campaigns, judged as the best ones in Integrated Promotional Campaigns and Direct Marketing categories.

Both campaigns were developed in house, from the concepts to partners' recruitment down to creative execution.

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How to create memorable brand experiences

Most valued service experiences consumers? TLC pulled out key trends

A new Neurosense study "The Science of Good Service",commissioned by American Express, has revealed which service experiences consumers value the most! Here at TLC we’ve pulled out some key trends:

Honest service

Building trust with your consumers, being open and honest about your services: 35% of those questioned defined this as an experience they would value the most. E.g. a taxi driver returning your lost property from the back of their cab.
This has been seen most recently in NatWest’s No tricks campaign “We're putting the brakes on unfair credit card deals and saying no to 0% credit cards. No card tricks with NatWest”.

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TLC top tips to reduce basket abandonment this Christmas

TLC’s top tips to prevent shopping basket abandonment this Christmas!

Christmas 2014 is going to be big for online shopping. Bigger than ever before.

Last year online sales in December were up 18% YOY in the UK alone (source: IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index). And a survey by PayPal found that 88% of UK consumers were planning on purchasing Christmas gifts online. Pretty exciting stuff… until you read that retailers are facing a basket drop off rate of 75%.

So here are TLC’s top tips to prevent shopping basket abandonment this Christmas!

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Rapidly changing consumer behaviours? Let's add value!

three out of four consumers using their mobile devices for price comparison

According to the 2nd Annual UK Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study by xAd and Telmetrics, up to 46% of UK consumers now use mobile devices as their primary tool for purchase decision making, while one in four use mobile devices as their exclusive shopping research tool.

More and more, consumers are turning to mobile to meet their research needs and are becoming comfortable with these devices as a primary decision-making tool. This reality opens new opportunities for brands to reach consumers, drive in-store foot traffic and influence purchase.

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Baker Street Quarter Food Market with Munch in Marylebone

TLC Marketing charity enterprise partner Munch in Marylebone

As part of the TLC Trust initiative some of our hungriest staff went down to Summer in the Square yesterday lunch time to support our charity enterprise partner Munch in Marylebone.

Summer in the Square is hosted in Portman Square Gardens on Baker street five times a year and allows enterprises to set up camp selling all sorts of delicious treats, raising money for good causes and helping local businesses. Some of the most delicious cakes and goodies (the banana bread is legendary) come from an enterprise we support closely - Munch in Marylebone.

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Why are we still focusing on price?

TLC just launched a new campaign to promote added value

In the discount-saturated world we live and work in, TLC Marketing is launching a tongue-in-cheek campaign to highlight an alternative to price promoting.

The campaign for Added Value Everywhere begins in June 2014 and will run throughout the rest of the year – www.addvalueeverywhere.com

This faux anti brand-cruelty charity campaign aims to raise awareness as to the dangers of repeated price-cutting, product bundling and BOGOFs. It aims to put a stop to the big price squeeze and help brands recover their sense of self worth and rediscover their personalities.

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The unequal UK box office

the number of cinemagoers is in gradual decline since 2009 and TLC can help

Only just over 1 out of 2 people (53%) go to the cinema at least once every six months in the UK, the Deloitte Media Consumer Survey reveals.

At TLC we read with a  lot of interest Deloitte’s 2014 Media Consumer Survey published this month. The really positive survey highlights the exceptional performances and outstanding use of technology that have propelled UK talent to many awards at the Oscars as well as numerous UK actors and actresses leading light on the silver screen.

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Customer Acquisition Barometer 2014

Have you shared your information in exchange for anything?

Last week, TLC Marketing attended the DMA conference where the findings of the Customer Acquisition Barometer 2014 were launched - A new annual survey of marketers and consumers about acquisition practices produced by the DMA in partnership with McDowall. And we took away some intriguing insights!

52% of consumers knowingly shared their details in the last 12 months, in the interest of finding the latest products and services, getting the best deals and staying in touch with brands – consumers WANT to engage with brands, and the content and method of these interactions are key in building trusting relationships.

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Westminster Community Awards 2014

TLC Marketing is proud to be nominated for a Westminster Community Awards 2014

TLC Marketing is really proud to have been nominated by The Marylebone Project (www.madeinmarylebone.co.uk), our London Partner Charity, for the Partnership Award at the Westminster Community Awards 2014; an award that recognises the best example of a private sector organisation working with voluntary sector/community organisations.

Sharon Poon, Made in Marylebone Social Enterprise Manager, said: “TLC’s contribution has made a real difference in improving the services we provide for homeless women and with its expertise in marketing and design, the agency has helped create a brand recognisable by customers”.
“We are very pleased and grateful to be working with the lovely people at TLC!” she added.

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TLC Marketing's snapshot Digital Camera polarisation

TLC Marketing blog on camera campaigns

The digital camera market has been on a dramatic decline over the last year with Future Source consulting estimating demand to have dropped by a huge 24%.

It's not surprising when we look around us and see the photographers of today. Everyone and anyone is a photographer, and the majority are using a smart phone. With smart phone penetration increasing (62.2% of Britons according to Our Mobile Planet by Google) this is a trend which isn’t looking to slow dwn.

The blurred line between digital cameras and smart phones is getting fainter, only last month Samsung decided to merge their camera and smart phone business units to encourage synergy.

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