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Ones to Watch Birthday Edition

Posted by sophie.hockridge | 21 January

Welcome back! January is a tough month for all of us, well at least it was, until this month’s edition of OTW landed in your inbox. Even more exciting, we are celebrating an entire year of trend hunting. Happy birthday to us! Our first issue was shared with you lovely lot one whole year ago. So pop on your party hat, grab a piece of cake (or a biscuit from the communal office tin will do) and enjoy reading.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

Bullet journals

If you're anything like me and take pleasure in organising and tidying, this trend will have you literally tingling with excitement. Bullet journals are elaborate planners that don’t just include your weekly social calendar and to-do lists, oh no, they are so much more than this. These can track every part of your life. From your five fruit and veg for the day, daily water intake and skin care regime to long-term goals and bucket lists. Basically anything you want to include. People have fallen in love with the mindful craft of creating these journals just as much as using the journal itself. Re-engaging the arts and crafts skills we thought we had left behind in primary school. For inspiration on the best doodles, collages and magazine cut outs to include in your layout, check out #PlannerAddict on Instagram and let the creative juices flow.

Sustainable fashion

Sustainability is everywhere at the moment. You can’t turn on the TV without a guilt-inducing documentary about the benefits of a vegan diet, as you settle down with your steak and ale pie from the local chippy. 2018 was the war against plastic but this year fashion will be next up to receive a sustainable makeover. Astonishingly, the fashion industry is the world’s largest polluter after the oil industry. Encouraging a throw away mind-set driven by seasonal styles that are in fashion one minute and wouldn’t be seen dead in the next. Over 300,000 tons of clothing ends up in landfill each year, highlighted by the BBC’s new programme Fashion’s Dirty Secrets. So you can expect to see lots of high street stores reacting to this with recycled clothing lines like Zara’s Join Life, & Other Stories discount for unwanted clothes that are handed back and a big focus on vintage stores. Get ready to learn about eco-fabrics, capsule wardrobes and recycling outfits. 


Not the most complicated of concepts to get, think gap year but without the year part. A bite size gap year. Not many of us have the luxury of taking a year out from day to day life and work but this could be the answer to finding some headspace closer to home. The idea of shutting off from the digital world and reconnecting with the physical for a weekend. No WhatsApp messages or trailing through Instagram feeds. This could be camping in Cornwall, learning to knit in Norfolk, windsurfing on the Welsh coast or yoga on the Yorkshire Moors. It’s up to you. All about breaking your routine, trying something different and opening yourself up to new possibilities without needing to be on a beach in Thailand. Still plenty of new people to meet, new corners of the country to discover and new skills to learn. You’ll return to work on the Monday with a new lease of life, although without the Bali sun tan and obligatory Toblerone from duty free.

Transfer tattoos

When I was younger, getting ready for the school disco involved selecting the best hair scrunchie to match my dungarees and deciding how many transfer tattoos were too many. The designs have come a long way from Care Bears and rainbows since the nineties. Mimicking classic ink tattoo designs like roses, hearts, swallows and skulls as well as some more modern characters like mermaids, unicorns and heroine Frida Kahlo. Available in all major retailers they have become as much of a staple accessory as jewellery and glitter. Particularly at summer festivals. They were a big trend at Stylist Live last November, with several pop-up stalls selling sheets to illustrate skin with. Whilst at Stylist Live this year, I fell in love with Rosie Wonders a company based in East London who offer the coolest variety of temporary tattoos we've seen. Get your application kit (by that I mean a flannel and some water – simple).

Book clubs

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions amongst my friends this year has been to read more. So to help with our mission we have created our own book club, where each month one member chooses the title and we meet at the end of the month to discuss the book. There are only three rules. The first rule of book club is, you do not talk about book club. Secondly, there are to be no spoilers from those who finish the book early and last but not least, wine is mandatory at each meeting. Several companies have set up in the last couple of years with a ready-made book club so you don’t have to organise, choose the next novel or come up with rules. Rare Birds is our favourite, which we spotted at Stylist Live. Sign up and each month receive in the post a beautifully wrapped surprise book based on the interests you submitted when joining, all written by female authors. All you have to do is buy the wine.

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