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Live like a local travel tribe 2019

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Posted by sophie.hockridge | 30 January

It’s January. The month of dark mornings, harsh diets, empty bank accounts and a whole twelve months of work ahead of us. *Hides back under the duvet covers*. Of all the months this is the one where we really need a pick me up, something to look forward to. So naturally the first thought is of sandy shores and sunshine. January is the biggest month for booking summer holidays. With the first Saturday of the year now coining the term ‘sunshine Saturday’, travel companies capitalise on this day with an increase in advertising spend and plenty of enticing offers to paradise. 

However we're not all sun-seeking, beach junkies. In fact, we've identified six key travel tribes, what their purchase triggers are and what trends we are seeing emerging as a result of these consumer demands. Download our free eBook here.

One of the biggest trends the travel companies have seen while this booking frenzy ensues, is more people heading to off-the-beaten track destinations. Forget the sex-on the-beach cocktail and instead, say hello to a super simple farm to-table cocktail. Bon appetite. And with all the stresses of daily life, more of us are looking to swap the rat race for tropical escapes. Most importantly, wherever we are travelling to, we are seeking authentic experiences. No longer content with lounging by a resort pool, drinking all-inclusive Margaritas or setting the alarm early to reserve a prime sunbed with a towel and book. (Don’t pretend you’ve never done this.)

Welcome to the 'live like a local' travel tribe.

This shift in traveller mind set is called ‘living like a local.’ It comes from a desire to experience the true place like a native, from the best local spots to eat to hidden attractions like street art and markets. Bascially, experiencing the local charm, immersing ourselves in the culture and the way of life by avoiding all the tourist traps. All the mainstream attractions and sightseeing spots have a feeling of ‘been there, done that’ and more of us want more than that. Social media has caused the world to become exposed. We've seen the videos and photos all over our Instagram feeds so before we've even been there ourselves, we know what to expect. That bright blue house owned by Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech has spammed my feed so much I, like many others are feeling forced to find different ways to holiday so we have our own unique stories to tell.

Many companies have jumped on the 'live like a local' bandwagon with apps like Trippin’ allowing locals to curate lists of their favourite spots for visitors to explore, Lonely Planet city guides and of course Airbnb Experiences are other examples. This anti-tourist travel trend has also meant that as we move away from traditional hotels, we are seeing a rise in boutique hotels and B&B’s. We are wandering away from the overpriced beach front bars and up little alleyways to find a family run seafood restaurant. We are done queuing in line as we fight through selfie sticks for a peak at yet another historical building and instead we are finding ourselves at vintage fayres and local markets. We are over swimming up to tiki bars in pools for watered down pina coladas. And we certainly won’t miss the morning sunbed battles.

‘Live like a local’ is one of six travel trends we have identified as most prominent for 2019. Save yourself the research, because we’ve done it for you! Get in touch to find out what they are and more importantly, what they mean for your brand.