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Edna Valley

Edna Valley Vineyard Holiday Promotion

Posted by amy.robson | 02 November

Iconic Californian wine producer Edna Valley Vinyard launched their latest in-store promotion on November 1st, running through to December 31st. 

Facilitated by TLC Marketing, the "Capture Your Holidays" promotion rewards every purchase of specially marked bottles of Edna Valley wine with one free 12”x8” personalized photo canvas print. 

The promotion will run over the Thanksgiving and Christmas period and aims to communicate the message that Edna Valley wine is for sharing alongside family and friends. It allows customers to capture a special moment in time and cherish it in a fun and personalized way. 

The reward will be provided by Picanova, the global market leader for customized wall decorations. Available at participating retail stores within the following states: IN, MA, MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, and OH. For more information visit www.ednavalleyrewards.com or contact us