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TLC Hispanic Division Helping Brands Connect With Their Hispanic Consumers

Posted by amy.robson | 04 August

The media is saturated with articles talking about how the Hispanic population is growing as fast as light in the US and the best ways in which brands can understand and target this group. TLC’s Hispanic Division understands the best way to attract and engage the Hispanic consumer in a culturally relevant manner. Our experienced marketing professionals are specialized in creating and delivering successful integrated, in-language and in-culture communications, marketing and promotional campaigns that help our client’s brands to be in-tune with the growth of Hispanics in the U.S.  

TLC Hispanic Division not only increases Hispanic brands’ penetration in the U.S. market, but simultaneously appeals to mainstream consumers. We are the world’s leading agency in the creation and delivery of consumer engagement campaigns that motivate and drive consumer behavior through targeted high value leisure and lifestyle rewards. These rewards are well tailored to the Hispanic Consumer.  

FUD, the number one deli meat brand in Mexico, trusted in TLC’s expertise and rewards to create a promotional strategy that would help them enter the U.S. market. The objective’s for this campaign were not only met, but were overachieved through a 3 month promotion whereby every FUD customer received 1 free reward of their choice. A variety of experiences were offered according to the consumer´s spend level. Activities for the kids, the mom or the family connected emotionally with the Hispanic consumer and gave extraordinary value to the FUD purchase. 

In the words of the FUD Marketing Director for Hispanic Brands,¨this campaign helped us to better understand how to reach Hispanic consumers and which of the promotional messages were the most relevant for this segment. TLC was a great partner to make this happen as they helped us establish clear objectives, developed the campaign from beginning to end and generated metrics so we could gauge the results continuously.” 

For more information on TLC Hispanic Division contact

Raquel Agustin, Director, Hispanic Marketing or

Rebeca Medina. Manager, Hispanic Marketing