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Will you Trick or will you Treat?

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 24 April

Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday, second only to Christmas. In 2014, $2.5 billion was spent on Halloween costumes alone. Candies, decorations and cards all amounted to a $6.9 billion spend*, an amount predicted to increase substantially in 2015. This is great news for your typical Halloween offerings, but what can other industries and brands do to get involved in the festivities? 

As Ikea, ASOSTarget and Babybel all showed us in their innovative campaigns: Every brand, no matter the offering, has the ability to leverage the Halloween hype. Here are our tips on how;

1. Use Halloween as a chance to treat (not trick) every single one of your customers.

2. Move away from dull discounts and coupons. Don’t be tricked into the all too familiar and detrimental price wars. Retailers and brands often drop their prices to stand out over this period without realizing the negative impact it is has for the brand and on future consumer behavior.

3. Gamification is perfect for integration. It promotes engagement and is rewarding- literally. Through interactive digital platforms, reward with instant win prizes or music downloads.  Engage followers with videos, contests and incentives for user-generated content- they all add value.

4. Avoid being cliché and cringe worthy just for the sake of Halloween, if you’re not offering much in terms of value it’s just added noise.

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for brands to think outside the box, a fun way to create personality and the best chance to leverage increased spendng. Learn more about the treats you can offer here or email USA@tlcmarketing.com

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By Amy Robson