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Bring the new Clarins positioning to life with a tactical campaign that still sits well with the brand’s core values and reaches into their consumers lifestyle.

“Glow inside and out” provided some clear ideas. Clarins covered the outside so the campaign added the “inside” part: everyone buying two products from the body creams received a free session with a qualified nutritionist.

TLC Marketing partnered with the reputable ANSISA network, Italy’s nationwide official association of nutritionists, to deliver a strong network across the country. The campaign was communicated at POS, in press and online.

Puoi Contare su Clarins was also awarded “ Best Integrated Promotional Campaign” at the prestigious Media Key Press and Outdoor Key Award 2014.

“We have been really impressed by TLC Marketing, their unique formula and their professional yet creative way of working” stated Davide Parise, Clarins Group Product Manager,” and by the way they immediately got our core values right and were able to translate into a unique, tactical campaign”

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