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    Switch. Save. Win. AGL Energy's largest and most aggressive Australian wide retail promotion, incentivizing prospective customers

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    In an industry first, YouiRewards offers a host of great rewards from participating partners, including Event Cinemas, Flight Centre, Ticketek, Hungry Jacks and more!

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    TLC Marketing Worldwide are proud to be a finalist for the 'APAC Speciality Agency of the Year' category at the Mumbrella Asia Awards.


Take advantage of TLC Marketing’s Wellness, Fitness and Travel Networks

Fitness Network

With everyone starting the year with their New Year’s Resolutions in place, now is the perfect time for brands to re-engage with consumers and reward them with experiences that are relevant to their goals, adding value to their lives and encouraging loyalty.

With the most common theme for New Year’s Resolutions relating to fitness, beauty, health and travel, now is the time to take advantage of TLC Marketing’s unparalleled Wellness, Fitness and Travel Networks and offer an ‘everyone wins’ experience. 

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YouiRewards - An Industry First

An Industry First

In November 2016, Youi, a leading Australian auto insurance company, launched an unforgettable loyalty program that is a first of its kind in the marketplace.

Joining forces with TLC Marketing Worldwide and using our wide network of partners to the fullest, YouiRewards was developed. Through a bespoke app developed by Youi’s in-house team, customers receive 50% of their policy value back in the form of “Youi Dollars”, which are used to redeem valuable rewards at a dollar-for-dollar value.

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Case Study: Lindt Excellence

Lindt Excellence

Lindt Excellence sought a campaign to engage customers, drive trial and increase sales – but in a way that would promote loyalty.

TLC Marketing Worldwide proposed a promotion to reward all customers – adding value to the transaction and ensuring the gift adhered to the brand’s image, while also resonating with the customers’ true affinities.

Chocolate is often enjoyed in the evening, surrounded by sights, sounds and words that evoke serenity.

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What we do best...

TLC Marketing Worldwide Rewards

2016 saw TLC Marketing deploy 66 Campaigns. All campaigns were designed to add value and reward everyone. TLC is a world leader in establishing networks and partnering with leading brands to deliver consumer compelling campaigns that insight action.

We tailor the rewards offered to align with the clients objectives. We ensure that we provide rewards suitable for each target audience. This can range from pizza vouchers, movie tickets, 2-for-1 entry to a theme park, music, magazine subscription, fitness sessions and more.

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