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 Our thinking

Insurance is boring


Insurance can be boring, which means that it is hard to engage customers and keep them interested in your brand.

But it doesn’t have to be…

In just 2 minutes and 39 seconds, you'll find out that insurance can be fun and engaging...just watch this video: http://bit.ly/2mhj3GJ

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The Frankies: awarding staff excellence

The Frankies: awarding staff excellence

Every year TLC Marketing hold their internal awards ceremony, The Frankies. 

In honour of Frank True, the awards are designed to bring together every TLC team from around the world to celebrate staff members who have gone above and beyond in their roles. Every TLC member of staff casts their vote anonymously and the results are tallied up to reveal the winners on the day/night (depending what part of the world we are in).

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Millennials: a marketing nightmare or dream come true?

5 truths about Millennials - a marketing nightmare or dream come true?

We break it down into five simple truth’s that’ll change your outlook on the most over-marketed group in history.

Not all Millennials are the same

From the ‘Hip-ennial’ to the ‘Millennial Mum, this a group with wide varying aspirations and lifestyle behaviors.  It is impossible to connect to them all in the same way, so don’t take the one size fits all, and if you do, don’t be surprised if your campaign performs below expectations.

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TLC Marketing UK is one of the best places to work according to Best Companies

TLC Marketing global consumer incentive agency

TLC Marketing are delighted to announce they have been awarded a 1 star accolade from Best Companies, the workplace engagement specialists. The Best Companies Accreditation Standard follows the elite Michelin style star rating system for organisations that demonstrate high levels of employee engagement. Just two points off of a two star ‘outstanding’ award, TLC Marketing UK was voted as one of the best places to work by staff themselves. 

Priding themselves in their unique ‘family’ culture TLC’s Group HR Director Emily Evans said, “This is a wonderful achievement and one we are very proud of as it represents not only our fabulous UK business but our global HQ too.”  

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Top tips on how your brand can own 2016

New Year resolutions - top tips on how your brand can own 2016

How can brands stay stong in 2016 and beat the war on price? How can brand values be retained and long term customer loyalty be obtained?

1. Add value and retain brand values. Don't feel forced into a cycle of discounts, we found 49% of customers actually considered special promotions to be very important in their decision making process when buying personal care products online. Special promotions don’t have to be price led, instead give your customers a purchase incentive that means something to them, enhances your brand positioning and doesn’t hurt your bottom line. 

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New Year. New You

New Year New You

A new year – ah, a clean slate to start with. It comes as no surprise that  roughly one in three Australians resolve to better themselves in some way – that good ol resolution.  

The beginning of a new year is not only a great time for everyone across Australia to start the year with good intentions, it also presents the perfect time for brands to re-engage with their customers and reward them with experiences that are relevant to their goals, adding real value to their lives. 

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Be A Life Saver

Community support initiatives from TLC Marketing

Be A Life Saver. No one deserves to die at sea.

Last year over 3,400 people drowned fleeing for a better life. 

One family couldn’t stand by and just watch, they bought a boat and equipped a crew that saved 3,000 people in 60 days. This year with the Global Refugee Crisis, they need our help. 

As part of the TLC Trust, we’re coming together to raise money for the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), the crew of international humanitarians, security, medical staff and maritime officers who are back at sea preventing more catastrophes. 

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Back to School, It's enough to send Credit Cards into meltdown

Back to School

Parents across Australia are counting the cost of getting their kids ready for the new school year, with booklists, uniforms, sports equipment, the latest fashionable shoes and backpacks, to laptops, technology and stationary, the list doesn’t stop and it’s enough to send credit cards into a meltdown. 

With research conducted by Heritage Bank showing 60% of primary school parents admitting to feeling stress in the lead up to the school year due to the costs associated with back to school items. This comes as no surprise with the average primary school family spending over $2000 in the weeks before the bell rings. 

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Are YOU our new Partnerships Sales Agent

TLC Marketing global consumer incentive agency

Do you want to be part of an exciting, dynamic global Marketing Agency? 

As a Partnerships Sales Agent you will be responsible for sourcing and building relationships with new TLC partners and venues, securing new supplier contracts whilst maintaining great working relationships with existing partners. 

You will be skilled at developing effective on-going relationships with external parties, using the right methods and style of communication to bring about productive long term agreements and partners 

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Experiential Rewards are the answer

Consumer incentive campaigns TLC Marketing

Experiential rewards are perceived as a “powerful engagement and loyalty tool”*, ultimately bringing added value to a brand. As the largest and most experienced lifestyle marketing agency in our sector, TLC understands the importance of experiential rewards in today’s competitive marketplace. 

“Brands that are incorporating strategies to offer experienced based rewards in their loyalty programs are going to win and retain more customers compared to companies just offering discounts.”

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TLC Marketing Explains the Importance of Relationship Marketing on Corporate Review

TLC Marketing on Corporate Review

TLC CEO Mike Scalera sat down with industry expert and CEO of Loyalty 360 Mark Johnson to talk Relationship Marketing and TLC’s unique approach to promotions. The segment, hosted by Donald Trump Jnr explores the importance of connecting with customers on an emotional level and how this approach is leading the way in increasing sales and creating brand advocacy, loyalty & retention for TLC’s clients.  

Press play to learn more

TLC Marketing takes pride in its position as the industry leader in delivering unique experiential reward campaigns to customers. TLC brings a brands positioning to life through fun and engaging Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle rewards, creating a strong emotional connection between people and a brand. 

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Adding value everywhere: TLC takes home gold and silver trophies at the IPM Awards 2015

IPM Awards 2015

TLC Marketing UK has won not one but TWO Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards for their very-own B2B campaign  - Added Value Everywhere (A.V.E.).

The IPM Awards are the promotional marketing industry’s most highly regarded awards – and the agency were lucky enough to take home trophies in both the categories they entered: GOLD in the Direct Marketing Campaign AND SILVER in the ‘Best Use of Innovation in a B2B Campaign Using Incentive or Promotional Marketing 

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Rewarding Every Customer With The Gold

Rewarding every customer with the gold

With a proven track record of working with major sponsors and partners of the Olympic games, TLC knows how to help brands maximise their return on Olympic campaigns. You have the sponsorship or the strategy; we help with the tactical activation and here's how. 

The Olympics is about emotion, coming together to support our athletes and share in the global spectacle that extends beyond borders and photo-finish lines.

During the 17 days in Brazil there will be 306 Medal Events; 306 opportunities for our sporting heroes to win the Gold. But from where we're sitting, every event is an opportunity to reward every consumer with the gold.

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TLC's healthy partnership with wearables

TLC Marketing in partnership with Fitbit

TLC Marketing Worldwide has started working with world class wearable brands as part of their global partnership portfolio.

TLC Marketing’s Chairman, Nick True commented: “There’s an enormous opportunity in connected health and fitness, so we are thrilled to add wearables to our global partnership portfolio.  More and more customers are taking a proactive approach and responsibility for their own health and fitness, and wearble tech, smartphones and apps are rapidly becoming key user platforms.  We’ve got a couple of our clients eager to use the products in their marketing campaigns already – so watch this space.”

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Access over 60% of the world's music

Reward campaign specialists TLC Marketing today announced that they have signed an agreement with Universal Music Group, the world's leading music company. The new agreement enables TLC to provide their clients with music from UMG’s unrivalled catalogue.

TLC Marketing’s Chairman, Nick True commented: “With access to Universal Music’s extensive catalogue, this is a very exciting expansion to our reward portfolio.  Our brand partners will be able to make more noise and create much more powerful promotions by reaching consumers with tracks from many of the world’s top artists past and present with every single purchase.”

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TLC Marketing grows digital team with major industry hire

Major Steadman

Dubai-based digital marketing pioneer Major Steadman returns to his homeland to join the TLC Marketing Global HQ in Marylebone London.

After 10 years of digital innovation in Dubai, working for the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi and Tribal Worldwide, Steadman has handpicked an exciting opportunity within TLC Marketing.

He will be responsible for leading digital transformation within the business and executing best in class work for TLC’s global clients.

“It’s hard not to notice that the world is changing fast & that the companies that thrive have built or rebuilt themselves for the modern age, TLC embraces this change-culture and I’m really excited about joining and leading the digital charge...” Major Steadman.

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The Forgotten Market

The forgotten demographic in marketing

With so much hype surrounding new technologies such as wearable’s and so much focus on targeting Millennials it seems as though one of the most lucrative markets is being forgotten, and if remembered, they are regularly misunderstood. 

An Australian market survey* found that those whose age lies within the bracket of 45-69 are making the most of their peaking disposable incomes and concentrating on enjoying themselves. Their pressures and stresses of work and family have faded and they are seeking out new experiences and making the most of this time of their lives.  

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Is your marketing geographically and time relevant?

TLC Marketing Press Releases

What exactly is Proximity marketing? Proximity marketing, Hyperlocal marketing and geotracking are all technologies which enable marketers to be geographically and time relevant with their marketing efforts. It is the use of a variety of technologies that allow messages to be sent to customers’ devices (even their Wearables) when they are in close proximity to a retailer or potential sale, and TLC is jumping on board!

Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) are two examples TLC Marketing Worldwide are excited to offer in conjunction with our expertise in consumer incentive campaigns. Near Field Communication is the technology used when you pay by touching your credit card on an enabled payment point. An NFC enabled phone can read a NFC chip on a product and launch content. 

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The customer experience game is changing

Australian consumer choice and trends

With constant innovations in technology, new revelations in big-data, changes in consumer sentiment and market conditions, the way customers experience products and services is constantly changing.

Seen as a competitive differentiator, many will look at ‘the customer experience’ as a one-time event such as when a customer is in-store or is interacting online, but the reality is that the  customer experience is essentially everything to do with how customers engage with not only products and services, but the brand. It encompasses all interactions, so how is it changing? 

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What would convince you to choose one soft drink over another?

Soft Drinks Market in Australia

Did you know that soft drinks are the highest FMCG category for impulse purchases?  Almost 60% of shoppers decide on which soft drink or beer to buy when they are in store.* How can soft drink  brands stand out at the point of purchase and convince shoppers to choose them over the competition? Are consumers more inclined to choose the cheapest, the most recognised, or the brand offering a promotion or reward?

Yes, some consumers will choose the cheapest, however in the long run consumer engagement in a FMCG is not gained by offering a two week price cut or solely by a traditional ad campaign. It is strategies that engage customers, create emotional responses and relevance and connection that encourage customers to talk about them, recommend them or search for them on social media.

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LSE selects TLC Marketing as an inspirational company for Britain in 2015

TLC marketing 1000 companies to inspire Britain

Today TLC Marketing’s success has been recognised in The London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2015 report, showcasing the most inspiring and fast growing small and medium-sized companies. The marketing agency’s accreditation has been judged taking into account growth, visibility in market, increase in clients and growth in number of employees. 

Nick True, Chairman is delighted his business has been recognised “This is a great moment for us as a business, we are passionate about what we do here at TLC Marketing and are always striving for the best for both our clients and staff – and our growth is a reflection of that company wide attitude”.

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Consumers Rethink Breakfast - How will brands respond?

Australian consumer choice and trends

The breakfast cereal industry has been experiencing a sharp decline in demand, and companies are beginning to question the main reason behind consumers abandoning the popular morning meal. 

Kellogg’s had previously obtained a breakfast cereal market share of 40% in 2010, which dropped to 27% at the end of 2014* along with Nestlé experiencing a value share declined from 27% in 2013 to 25% in 2014*. 

These statistics are a reflection of the rapidly growing health trend that is spreading throughout Australia, and as a result, influencing consumers to opt out their favourite morning cereal for more organic and nutritional food options. 

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TLC's work for Robert Graham picks up a prestigious iF Design Award

iF Design award for Robert Graham campaign

We're proud to announce our US agency team have won a prestigious International Forum (iF) Design Award for their work with premier clothing brand Robert Graham. In the Communications category, TLC entered both a printed and digital Birthday Timeline, created specifically to reward the brand’s Collector’s Club members.

An upper tier Robert Graham collector has spent between $25-$50k on clothing and accessories from the full lifestyle men’s brand. On this VIP collector’s birthday, Robert Graham now sends them more than a simple “Happy Birthday.” A printed and interactive digital card designed to increase retention and brand engagement invites them “to take a scroll through the universe, to explore the nature of time itself, and to meditate on the gift of what it means to be."

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Is Hyper Personalization the Future?

Hyper Personalisation consumer incentives

Hyper Personalization seems to be the tool that marketers have only dreamed of for years: a tool that enables companies to collect mass amounts of individualized information about their customers.  

Hyper Personalization has been defined as the use of data to provide more personalized and targeted products, services, and content.* Marketers would now have the ability to create more meaningful connections with their customers, and drive customer loyalty through a type of customization that was previously considered impossible. 

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Will you be mine?

TLC Marketing consumer incentives for Valentines

On Valentine’s Day, expensive gifts, flowers, chocolates, cheesy romance movies, and four course dinners are purchased to express how much couples love one another throughout Australia.  

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

  • 180 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually
  • 196 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day
  • 85% of Valentines Day cards are bought by women
  • 73% of flowers are bought by men
  • 14% of women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day
  • 53% of women would end their relationship if they did not get something for Valentine’s Day

The purchases being made by consumers on Valentine’s Day means big sales for companies that thrive from cupid’s arrow on February 14th. 

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TLC Marketing wins two MediaStar Awards

MediaStar Awards 2015 TLC Marketing

TLC Marketing Italia is proud to announce another great success at MediaStar Awards 2015 – the 19th edition of one of the most important Advertising and Communications awards nationwide.

The agency has conquered the first place with “Zuegg Passione e Talento” in the Competitions/Everyone Wins Promotional Campaigns as well as winning a Speial Star mention for  “Puoi Contare su Clarins” creative materials.

The prizes were awarded by a qualified team of more than 70 professional coming from the comms/ADV/agencies world.

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Our top marketing predictions in 2015

Top marketing predictions for 2015

Technology continuing to drive change

We predict neuro-marketing techniques crossing into mainstream marketing territory. With big players such a Neilson leading this movement we see this becoming more accessible in 2015. Planning will play a crucial role in the push & pull relationship between creative and data. The question of whether it’s used correctly, pre or post production is yet to be debated. 


Complexities of marketing streamlined

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Merlin Entertainments announces strategic partnership with TLC Marketing

TLC Marketing partners with Merlin Entertainments

Merlin Entertainments has announced it’s new strategic partnership with TLC Marketing.

The partnership aims to build on TLC’s existing reward portfolio to deliver compelling consumer campaigns for Australia’s largest brands, whilst driving more customers to the countries best attraction experiences. 

Merlin Entertainments is the perfect partner brand for TLC Marketing, their eleven entertainment venues provide amazing experiences – everything from watching Rex, a 5 meter crocodile, eating his dinner at Wild Life Zoo, to posing with the stars at Madame Tussauds or even walking amongst the tree tops at Illawarra Fly.

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Talking all things gifts, activities and events these Christmas holidays

TLC Marketing consumer incentive agency

Stuck for things to do or lost for gift ideas? TLC has you covered. Find out what the team are up to this festive break. 

Simon Alderson - Creative Director 

Christmas isn’t Christmas without… eating chocolate for breakfast, waiting for a lazy relative to finally get out of bed so we can open presents, spending all morning assembling complex Lego kits, remembering that turkey is actually not as good as chicken, trying to explain to kids how a fat old man can fit down a narrow chimney, discovering batteries are not included, feeling OK about getting drunk before lunch time…

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TLC Marketing are delighted to announce their award at the Ifs ProShare Awards

ProShare Awards acknowledge TLC Marketing

TLC Marketing are thrilled to announce their success at the ifs ProShare awards.

Companies from the travel, insurance, property, banking, communications and retail sectors were the big winners at the 2014 annual ifs ProShare Awards for their contribution to fostering employee share ownership in what has been a busy year for mergers and  acquisitions, corporate restructurings and IPOs.   

Among the big winners on the night were TLC Marketing for their efforts in fostering employee share ownership among SMEs, in the category “Best commitment to employee share ownership for small companies with fewer than 250 employees”.

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Every child deserves a magical Christmas

Community support initiatives from TLC Marketing

You may have heard of The Smith Family, but did you know they were founded in 1922 when a group of businessmen decided to deliver toys to orphans on Christmas Eve? Carrying on the tradition, TLC Marketing Australia is helping The Smith Family spread the magic of Christmas to disadvantaged Aussie kids this year.

The Smith Family works tirelessly to help disadvantaged children succeed in their education so that they have the opportunity to create a future for themselves. Delivering educational books and toys at Christmas ensures kids can continue to learn whilst enjoying the magic of Christmas.

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The power of emotion

TLC Marketing Press Releases

It has been welcomed with open arms and labeled by some as ‘a whole load of fluff’. Whatever your opinion on the research technique of Neuromarketing, the findings are interesting. 

Neuromarketing uses neuroscience techniques to try and understand the reasons behind why consumers buy what they buy. It can provide access into consumers’ unconscious minds to discover why they may choose one brand over another. Why they may choose the competition over you.

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Award winning campaigns

Award winning campaigns

TLC Marketing is proud to announce the amazing results from the 11th Press and Outdoor Key Award in Italy, organized by Media Key. The prestigious event took place in Milan Iulm university on Tuesday October 7th, 2014.


The agency was awarded with a glorious first place for both “Puoi Contare su Clarins” and “A cena in buona compagnia” (Direct Line) campaigns, judged as the best ones in Integrated Promotional Campaigns and Direct Marketing categories.

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How to make memorable brand experiences

TLC Marketing Press Releases

A new Neurosense study "The Science of Good Service", commissioned by American Express, has revealed which service experiences consumers value the most! Here at TLC we’ve pulled out some key trends:

Honest service

Building trust with your consumer and being open, honest and transparent about your services: 35% of those questioned defined this as an experience they would value the most. E.g. a bank not charging their customers ATM fees.

This has been seen most recently in ING Direct’s Orange Everyday campaign, where they ask customers if they want to use every ATM in Australia for free, yes, every single one. 

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Why are we still focusing on price?

TLC Marketing Added value everywhere

In a market environment almost completely saturated by price cutting, TLC Marketing Worldwide launches ‘Add Value Everywhere’, a campaign against the ‘ill-treatment’ of brands. The rationale of the campaign is illustrated through these key messages;


•Say ‘NO’ to discounts

•Price Cutting Kills Brands

•Say ‘YES’ to adding value

•Brand abuse is a crime

The campaign is promoted both on and offline and follows a ‘protest’ style theme; channel KONY2012 and you get the gist. The faux anti brand-cruelty charity campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of repeated price-cutting, product bundling and BOGOFs.  It aims to put a stop to the big price squeeze and help brands recover their sense of self worth and rediscover their personalities. 

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Silly Season Spending

TLC Marketing global consumer incentive agency

It’s that time of year again, the family starts to plan the Christmas feast and you start to think of potential gifts for friends, family and the list keeps going. You grab your phone and start searching for gift ideas trying to find the most competitive deal. But do you follow through and purchase that online basket OR is it best to wait for the in-store Christmas promotions and sales? Sound familiar?

Despite most of our pre Christmas planning, a Commonwealth Bank survey (2013) found that the majority of us actually buy our gifts last minute on either Saturday 14th December or Sunday 15th December. This seemed to be the trend with Aussie shoppers in 2013 and is predicted to repeat this year. According to Pocketbook Data, during the silly season Australians spent $65 on the average gift, with consumers doubling their discretionary spending.  Spending 60% of our income on ‘non-essential’ purchases over the holidays - although most of us convince ourselves these purchases are indeed essential. 

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Our top three tips to reduce basket abandonment this Christmas

TLC Marketing global consumer incentive agency

Christmas 2014 is going to be big for online shopping. Bigger than ever before. Last year online sales in December were up 12% year on year in Australia*.

Last year a survey by SmartCompany found that 65% of AU consumers were planning on purchasing Christmas gifts online.** Pretty exciting stuff… until you read that retailers are facing a basket drop off rate of 74%***


Globally approximately $US4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts this year, and about 63% of that is potentially recoverable by savvy online retailers***

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TLC Marketing backs Big Cake Bake

TLC Trust supports the community

With the Australian Red Cross approaching its 100th birthday this year, there seems no better time to get involved with the annual nationwide event Big Cake Bake.

The TLC Trust is counting down the days till Monday 25th August, were they will be showing off their baking skills, serving up delicious cakes to the TLC office and neighboring areas.

And why are we baking cakes you ask? To raising donations to support the amazing work that the Red Cross does, helping some of the most vulnerable people in Australia. 

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TLC Marketing opens a new division, TLC Sport

TLC Marketing global consumer incentive agency

TLC Marketing launches a new global division that extends its offer of expertise to Sport marketing including new rewards and event sponsorships.


While enjoying a great winter of sports, from the World Cup to the Commonwealth Games, at TLC Marketing we felt there was no better time to announce the creation of a new division specializing in Sport marketing.


The growing Sports industry and its connection with the world of promotional campaigns, sponsorships and events is a reality. Consumers want to feel emotionally connected to their brands, and the values and passion that Sports generates are the perfect alternative to non-conventional communication.

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TLC Marketing partners with Golf2Day for nationwide rewards

Golf2Day and TLC Marketing

Golf2day has partnered with TLC Marketing to bring golf memberships to an exclusive golf programs directly to brands and their customers. 


TLC Marketing are a global rewards agency, who are consistently creating innovative experience to reward consumer purchase. With the stresses of daily life, we know that sometimes all your customers really want is a little bit of leisure time to escape from their busy lives.

Thanks to a new partnership with Golf2day, your next TLC promotion will give your consumer's that leisure time they have been seeking, while expanding your brand awareness, increasing sales and acquiring new customers. 

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Free Sports Lessons with TLC Marketing

TLC partners with sports venues across australia

Imagine if your product rewarded your consumers with free kid's sports lessons? And while doing so, raised your brand awareness, increased your sales and acquired new customers.


TLC Marketing is proud to launch a new bespoke product, offering our clients the chance to reward their consumers with free kid's sports lessons, offering 13 varieties of sports with a nationwide coverage of over 1000 venues.


TLC Marketing has scoured the entire country creating partnerships with some of the best sport session providers – everyone from Kinderballet dance lessons in Melbourne, Grasshopper Soccer sessions in Perth and Ready Steady Go Kids Aussie Rules sessions in Sydney. 

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Is Dad out of luck this Father's Day? Not with TLC Marketing

Is Dad out of luck this Fathers Day?

It is predicted that Australian's will spend less than half of what they spent on Mum for Mother's Day on poor old Dad this year, with a "save rather than spend" mentality*


Father's Day may not see the same spending patterns of Mother's Day but it is still a $676.5 million dollar industry*. It's clear that families are prepared to spend loved ones; so how is your brand standing out from the crowd? 

TLC Marketing delivers highly desirable consumer incentive campaigns to help your brand stand out from within a highly competitive crowd. 

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Imagine if every cereal box came with a free sports session…

TLC Marketing Press Releases

That’s exactly what the team at TLC Marketing are proposing to some of our biggest brands in Aus.


TLC Marketing has scoured the entire country creating partnerships with some of the best sport session providers – everyone from Kinderballet dance lessons in Melbourne, Grasshopper Soccer sessions in Perth and Ready Steady Go Kids Aussie Rules sessions in Sydney.


Only six out of 10 children aged between five and 14 years participate in sport outside of school, (source: The Australian Bureau of Statistics) TLC Marketing feel this is where brands can step and in and help influence a change in lifestyles by offering fun sports sessions.

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TLC Marketing's snapshot on digital camera polarisation

TLC Marketing Press Releases

The digital camera market has been on a dramatic decline over the last year with Future Source consulting estimating demand to have dropped by a huge 24%.

It's not surprising when we look around us and see the photographers of today. Everyone and anyone is a photographer, and the majority are using a smart phone. With smart phone penetration increasing ( 62.2% of Britons according to Our Mobile Planet by Google) this is a trend which isn’t looking to slow down.

The blurred line between digital cameras and smart phones is getting fainter, only last month Samsung decided to merge their camera and smart phone business units to encourage synergy. 

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How much does LOVE cost you every year?

TLC Marketing delivers Valentine Day campaigns

In 2013, Australians spent...

$37m on bling

$14m on cards

$300m on Chocolates & Confectionary 

$34m on romantic dinners

$46.9m on flowers

and $437 on love getaways 

Enjoy your share of the love this Valentines with a TLC Marketing everyone wins campaign. 

Cinema, hotel stays and spa days all have romance written all over them, but the same goes for days out, wine, dinning and hundreds of magical expereineces. 

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TLC Marketing is proud to launch TLC Trust

TLC Trust supports the community

We are extremely proud to launch TLC Trust, a global initiative focused on giving back locally, in the communities we work in. Through TLC Trust, each of our offices will be partnering with a local social project or charity to offer our skills/services and participate in fundraising events throughout the year.

 TLC Trust Fundamental Principles

We believe that social responsibility is not just for corporates, it’s for all

We believe that our People should have the opportunity to work for the greater good

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TLC Trust, supporting the community

TLC Trust supports the community

We are very proud to announce our recent TLC Trust activity. The TLC Trust is a global initiative focused on giving back locally, in the communities we work within.

Last year the New South Wales region of Australia has experienced dangerous bush fires, these fires have been noted as the worst within this area since the 1960s. 

Here at TLC we are saddened to report that two lives and 248 houses have been lost. 

The TLC Trust wanted to support our community and raise some funds to support those within their hour of need. Therefore the team dusted of their pinnies, cracked out the baking tins, and baked up a storm!

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