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Back to School, It's enough to send Credit Cards into meltdown

Posted by suzanne.impiombato | 16 September

Parents across Australia are counting the cost of getting their kids ready for the new school year, with booklists, uniforms, sports equipment, the latest fashionable shoes and backpacks, to laptops, technology and stationary, the list doesn’t stop and it’s enough to send credit cards into a meltdown. 

With research conducted by Heritage Bank showing 60% of primary school parents admitting to feeling stress in the lead up to the school year due to the costs associated with back to school items. This comes as no surprise with the average primary school family spending over $2000 in the weeks before the bell rings. 

The Australian Scholarships Group provides us with an overview of back to school costs. It estimates an Australia child starting at a metropolitan government primary school in 2014 will cost their family $21,770 over the seven years in fees, levies, charges, extracurricular costs, clothing, necessities, travel and computers*

So what can you do as a brand to ensure you get your ‘piece of the pie’ without devaluing your brand, whilst ensuring your customers have positive brand experiences. 

You only have to step into retailers during this period to see brands damaging themselves with half-prices backpacks, drink bottles, school stationary or 2for1 lunchbox snacks. Clothing retailers often fall victim to price cutting and bundling too, by discounting school shoes, apparel and accessories. It’s a simple equation - Price cutting kills brands. 

Guess what! It’s your lucky day, we have the solution for you. A chance to add further value to your products, achieve your sales uplift targets and create amazing brand experiences. While showing your customers value during this expensive stressful period, by offering them more for their money, ‘Adding Value’ as we like to call it. 

TLC Marketing creates emotional connections between brands and their customers by delivering the most engaging rewards and experiences, tailored to each demographic. Think Fitbits, sportswear vouchers, holidays, grocery deliveries, free house cleans, Cinema vouchers for the family to use during the school holidays – the possibilities are endless. 

But don’t just take our word for it, See how Back to School incentive campaign’s have worked for some of our clients globally;

  • TLC Marketing USA and Reynold’s rewarded every purchase of Hefty slider bags with a free photo book to remember the summer       holidays, a perfect way for Hefty to connect emotionally and drive purchase. 
  •  TLC Marketing France and Sony Ericsson rewarded every purchase of an Xperia Mini Pro plus top up with a free pair of Converse shoes 
  • TLC Marketing Portugal and Coca-Cola rewarded every purchase of 1 litre Coca-Cola bottles with discount vouchers for school suppliers, clothing, footwear and activities (dance, swimming, language classes) 

We’d love to help you with your back to school objectives, Let’s have a chat, contact TLC Marketing on 02 8904 7249 or hello@tlcmarketing.com


*This varied by location: NSW was $26,170, Victoria and the ACT $22,765, South Australia $19,155, Queensland $18,775, Tasmania and the Northern Territory $18,775 and WA $16,668