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Case Study: Mad Mex 'Deadly Days'

Posted by nikki.saunders | 01 March

Mad Mex is an Australian chain of Tex-Mex-themed restaurants, with more than 41 locations throughout Australia. With the Mexican holiday ‘Day of the Dead’ approaching, Mad Mex aimed to immerse Aussies into the Mexican celebration with a reward program celebrating the Mexican holiday, while also driving sales in a fun and exciting way.

Going in, Mad Mex had three main objectives: to increase customer count, increase the average transaction value and to increase the number of subscribers.

TLC Marketing Worldwide was up to the challenge and knew the program needed to fit unobtrusively into the Mexican holiday theme, while also being valuable enough to create excitement and participation.

The result was ‘Deadly Days’, a promotion giving customers the chance to win one of 10,000 prizes. TLC Marketing Worldwide used its knowledge of Mad Mex’ target market – millennials – combined with the brand guidelines and ‘Day of the Dead’ theming, to develop a prize pool that included, festival tickets, extreme sports adventures, movie tickets and Mexican-themed beach towels.

TLC Marketing Worldwide oversaw developing the entire concept, obtaining and delivering the Instant Prize pool, creating and maintaining the redemption website and managing the entire customer service experience. The Mad Mex team developed all creative in-house; activations included a custom menu board, POS shelf wobblers, in-restaurant promotional posters, large outdoor scooters, online content, press coverage and heavily promoted social media content. 

The ‘Deadly Days’ Campaign was a success, exceeding all three of the original campaign objectives: we achieved an increase in customer count, an increase in the average transaction value, and an increase in the subscriber base.

Sarah Hendry, Mad Mex National Marketing Manager, had this to say about the campaign, “Deadly Days was an extremely exciting promotion to run. TLC Marketing Worldwide did a wonderful job taking care of our customers - offering them a multitude of interesting rewards and responding to their queries. The total number of visits to the redemption website exceeded our expectations, and we received a very positive outcome!”


More importantly, customers were engaged on a personal level. Promoted heavily on social media, the campaign evoked social media engagements including numerous friend-tags and a healthy dosage of emoticons.


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