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Heinz Soup of the Day

Posted by nikki.saunders | 16 May

Kraft Heinz have teamed up with global rewards and promotional agency, TLC Marketing to deliver their Heinz “Soup of the Day” Activation campaign.

Kraft Heinz approached TLC Marketing with 3 main objectives:

  1. Drive sales
  2. Increase awareness of Heinz Soup of the Day brand
  3. Acquire increased volume of new customers with the rewards incentives

Globally, TLC Marketing execute on average, 700+ bespoke campaigns a year and have extensive insight into the consumer behaviour of Millennials, Females and Singles, which fits perfectly with the Heinz Soup of the Day target market and from there, the activation campaign was developed.

Customers who purchase 2 Heinz Soup of the Day products in a single transaction during the campaign period will be eligible to receive a randomly allocated reward:

The Rewards:

Free Pamper Treatment: Through the use of TLC’s “National Pamper Network”, customers are rewarded with a choice of a range of pamper treatments including facials, manicures, pedicures and massages.

Free Digital Magazine: TLC have sourced a promotional partner and customers receive 1 free magazine from a choice of titles.

Free Movie Streaming: TLC have sourced a promotional partner and customers receive 1 free Premium Movie Stream from a broad selection of titles.

The Customer Journey:

  • Customer purchases 2 Heinz Soup of the Day Products during the promotional period,
  • Customer visits the promotional website www.soupoftheday.com.au to  register their purchase by entering the requested details and uploading their purchase receipt
  • Once the customer submits their claim, a success message flashes up on the screen.
  • TLC Marketing validates the purchase and an email is sent to the customer with the reward allocation and redemption instructions for the customer to enjoy their reward.

See the campaign website here: www.soupoftheday.com.au


Campaign period is 1st April – 31st August. Last date to claim is 30th September 2017.