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Is Dad out of luck this Fathers Day?

Is Dad out of luck this Father's Day? Not with TLC Marketing

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 05 August

It is predicted that Australian's will spend less than half of what they spent on Mum for Mother's Day on poor old Dad this year, with a "save rather than spend" mentality*


Father's Day may not see the same spending patterns of Mother's Day but it is still a $676.5 million dollar industry*. It's clear that families are prepared to spend loved ones; so how is your brand standing out from the crowd? 

TLC Marketing delivers highly desirable consumer incentive campaigns to help your brand stand out from within a highly competitive crowd. 

TLC provides consumer rewards that all fathers actually enjoy, not just another gift card or discount. Whether that be a driving experience, extreme sports, magazine subscriptions, cinema tickets, music downloads, or how about an exclusive Golfing offer, one that will tempt even the most serious golf enthusiast. 

With over 20 years experience in delivering successful consumer campaigns, TLC Marketing has worked with a number of brands to deliver Mother's and Father's day campaigns, including BiC, AXA Insurance, L'Oreal, Philips and Sears. 

*IBISWorld research 2014