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Is your marketing geographically and time relevant?

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 12 March

What exactly is Proximity marketing? Proximity marketing, Hyperlocal marketing and geotracking are all technologies which enable marketers to be geographically and time relevant with their marketing efforts. It is the use of a variety of technologies that allow messages to be sent to customers’ devices (even their Wearables) when they are in close proximity to a retailer or potential sale, and TLC is jumping on board!

Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) are two examples TLC Marketing Worldwide are excited to offer in conjunction with our expertise in consumer incentive campaigns. Near Field Communication is the technology used when you pay by touching your credit card on an enabled payment point. An NFC enabled phone can read a NFC chip on a product and launch content. 


Implications of Proximity Marketing

Increasing revenue opportunities at brick and mortar stores is a huge benefit of proximity marketing as there is more motivation for customers to head in store, rather than buy online and they are rewarded for doing so. Customers can receive time and location relevant access to exclusive content such as reviews, product details and special offers, even comparison information to aid them in making an informed choice. 

A 2014 mobile audience insights report* conducted in the US confirmed that:

•    53% of consumers are willing to share their current location to receive more relevant advertising.

•    57% of consumers are more likely to engage with location-based advertising.

•    63% of consumers feel vouchers are the most valuable form of mobile marketing

These statistics show that although a relatively new concept to many customers, proximity marketing is extremely relevant, aids retailers in offering a better customer experience and can encourage engagement as well as create value. 


How is TLC able to use proximity marketing?

When customers walk into a store, they won’t need a sales rep to tell them about promotions and they won’t need traditional media. A customers device will automatically deliver all relevant TLC Rewards, promotions and offers, when and where they are in store. 

TLC has the opportunity to use NFC tags or Beacons in store to launch a promotional website or piece of content for consumers to complete part of the redemption journey. Beacons in store push marketing and redemption and can tailor bespoke content to passerbies. With proximity marketing, your customers could have the chance to receive rewards directly to their device at point of purchase as well as mobile loyalty cards. There are endless opportunities with proximity marketing!


Proximity Marketing and Wearables?

In a previous post we explored a variety of marketing implications for the ‘Wearables revolution’, the key benefits appeared to be the ability to reach customers 24/7 and the opportunity for analytics and tracking. With Wearables such as watches, glasses and other trackers, proximity marketing is even more critical.

If customers can walk into a store, check their watch and see a specialized promotion for that store pop up, they are definitely more inclined to make the most of that promotion because it is relevant and easy (in comparison to receiving a voucher via email 2 days later).

Being able to redeem a voucher or a reward on via phone, watch or even glasses in real time, if it is hassle free, if it notifies or reminds customers when they are in the redemption area and if there is no lag time, it is a win for the retailer, resulting in some very happy customers.