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Let's talk Gift Cards and Price Promotions...

Posted by nikki.saunders | 10 March

Do you really think that cash back, gift cards and price promotions are best to uplift sales?

Sure, they may be easy and quick to put together and they may entice consumers to temporarily adopt the brand…but is that really enough.

Do you want to:

  • Retain Customers
  • Inspire Loyalty
  • Maximise customer satisfaction
  • Stimulate a positive word-of-mouth

Customers don’t remember a price promotion. Or if they do, they very rarely come back to your brand once the promotion has ended because generally, a competitor brand will launch a similar promotion.

At TLC Marketing Worldwide, we know that in order to retain customers and inspire loyalty, brands need a bespoke, strategic approach to promotion. This is done by adding value.

Whether that value be a day out, cinema tickets, music download, dinner, Airbnb stay or a day at the spa, customers will associate this memorable experience with your brand and keep coming back!

Remember… Customers don't remember a price promotion. Add value.

Don't default to a gift card or cash back promotion. Be different. Offer something innovative...something your customers will always remember and always associate with your brand.

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