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New Year. New You

Posted by suzanne.impiombato | 22 September

A new year – ah, a clean slate to start with. It comes as no surprise that  roughly one in three Australians resolve to better themselves in some way – that good ol resolution.  

The beginning of a new year is not only a great time for everyone across Australia to start the year with good intentions, it also presents the perfect time for brands to re-engage with their customers and reward them with experiences that are relevant to their goals, adding real value to their lives. 

With the most common theme for New Year’s Resolutions being across the fitness, beauty and health categories, in fact Australians are spending a yearly average of $2.23 billion* It’s time to look after your customers with ‘everyone wins’ experiences. 

The possibilities are endless but our Pamper, Personal Training and Holiday rewards are better than any other: 


National Pamper Network 

TLC’s National Pamper Network includes over 430 independent businesses across Australia. Pamper treatments include manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, tanning, facials and natural therapy’s. 

With the average Australian women spending $3,600* on beauty per year, this is a reward that adds real value, offers customers the chance to indulge, or is perfect to pass onto someone as a gift. 

See how Bacardi Amarula rewards customers with Pamper treatments, while driving sales and increasing brand awareness here 


Group Personal Training 

January is the peak time for Aussies to sign up to gyms and personal training, to follow through with their new year’s resolutions to stay fit. 

“People overindulge at Christmas and you have your new year’s resolutions so people go into the new year with all intents and purposes of getting fitter and leading a healthier lifestyle” (Samantha Bragg, Fitness First)

With over 150 locations Australian Wide, TLC’s partnership with Step into Life, the market leader in Group Outdoor Personal Training, provides a range of motivating outdoor fitness programs that keep customers motivated, from cardio to toning, to boxing and bootcamp training.

A new study that was published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research confirmed that working out with a Personal Trainer could dramatically increase fitness results - more so than doing self-directed exercise (Australian Institute of Fitness, 2014)


Travel and Holidays

With partnerships with over 200 4 & 5 star resorts and hotels in top destinations throughout ANZ / APAC, using Australia’s best tourism operators and locations, TLC develops unique and innovation travel promotions that deliver memorable experiences for your customers. 

Taking a holiday (60%) was considered a favourite way for Australian to reward themselves (i-Link, 2011), In the latest Global Travel Intentions study, it is revealed that Australians are some of the heaviest spenders on overseas travel, with 68% of men and 53% of women listed a holiday as their number one savings goal. 


To learn more about giving customers a little ‘TLC’, incentivizing at POS, rewarding loyalty and driving sales uplift, acquisition or retention, contact TLC AU at hello@TLCMarketing.com


*Commonwealth Bank, 2013