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Rewarding Every Customer With The Gold

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 26 May

With a proven track record of working with major sponsors and partners of the Olympic games, TLC knows how to help brands maximise their return on Olympic campaigns. You have the sponsorship or the strategy; we help with the tactical activation and here's how. 

The Olympics is about emotion, coming together to support our athletes and share in the global spectacle that extends beyond borders and photo-finish lines.

During the 17 days in Brazil there will be 306 Medal Events; 306 opportunities for our sporting heroes to win the Gold. But from where we're sitting, every event is an opportunity to reward every consumer with the gold.

Our promotions engage consumers in a way that no coupon or discount can, they help every consumer physically 'experience'. These experiences drive engagement with your brand and foster an emotional connection; something brands spend years trying to create.

We can help brands get behind Team AU or any break-out athlete participating at the games, by offering promotions that can for example, give kids and teens a chance to train like their Olympic heroes. Our sports lessons network,  group outdoor training or gym memberships are nationwide and can offer free sports sessions from Swimming lessons to Martial arts.

This Olympics, AU will also compete in two recently reinstated sports: Golf and Rugby Sevens. For a previous campaign with BiC, TLC rewarded every purchase with a free gold lesson; perfect for fans looking to get in the swing with Rio’s Golf tournament.

Rewards from live sporting event tickets to luxury hosting packages, personalized jerseys or a free fitness wearable through our recent partnership with Fitbit—the possibilities are unlimited.

For 16 days in August, Australian’s will be glued to every bit of the action. Let’s root them on and make the most of the heightened emotions and the international buzz to deliver even more, together!

Let's engage every one of your consumers and give them an experiential reward that has proven success.

We don’t charge for ideation sessions, so let’s chat; everyone wins.