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TLC Marketing backs Big Cake Bake

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 15 August

With the Australian Red Cross approaching its 100th birthday this year, there seems no better time to get involved with the annual nationwide event Big Cake Bake.

The TLC Trust is counting down the days till Monday 25th August, were they will be showing off their baking skills, serving up delicious cakes to the TLC office and neighboring areas.

And why are we baking cakes you ask? To raising donations to support the amazing work that the Red Cross does, helping some of the most vulnerable people in Australia. 

One in seven Australian school children go without breakfast each morning, a donation of $35 will help feed one hungry child breakfast each school day, ensuring they have the energy to learn. 

Making a donation is easy, simply head over to the TLC Big Cake Bake page and donate online. 

While you’re there, sign yourself and your company up to participate as well 

Happy Baking!


About TLC Trust 

TLC Trust is a global initiative focused on giving back locally, in the communities we work in. 

Through TLC Trust, each of our offices will be partnering with a local social project or charity to offer our skills/services and participate in fundraising events throughout the year.