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TLC Marketing enters the premium league

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 19 May

TLC MARKETING, the World’s leading lifestyle rewards agency, announces that they are entering the world of premiums. Premiums will be an innovative, dynamic sourcing and development service, specialising in the creation and manufacture of bespoke items.

TLC Marketing will provide expertise in a wide range of product development from ceramics and bags to mass plastic injection and electronics. The development of this new service will allow TLC Marketing to provide a comprehensive portfolio of reward options, from premiums to lifestyle rewards.

TLC Marketing will build on the wealth of licence and premium experience of John Pearson, TLC Marketing UK new Managing Director. Over the last 10 years, John has been involved in the development and manufacturing of promotional product for the likes of Nestle, Novotel, Unilever and Kimberly Clark and has owned licenses for Disney, Moshi Monsters, and Warner Brothers.

John said: “I am very proud of this new venture. TLC Marketing will be offering its clients such a wide range of rewards and incentives. We are different from anything currently available on the market because on top of our exclusive portfolio of rewards we belief in adding value to the brands and rewarding every customer.” 

For more information, to book a meeting or request a quote get in touch now: Suzanne Rolfe / suzanne.rolfe@tlcmarketing.com / 02 8904 7249

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