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TLC Marketing's snapshot on digital camera polarisation

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 08 May

The digital camera market has been on a dramatic decline over the last year with Future Source consulting estimating demand to have dropped by a huge 24%.

It's not surprising when we look around us and see the photographers of today. Everyone and anyone is a photographer, and the majority are using a smart phone. With smart phone penetration increasing ( 62.2% of Britons according to Our Mobile Planet by Google) this is a trend which isn’t looking to slow down.

The blurred line between digital cameras and smart phones is getting fainter, only last month Samsung decided to merge their camera and smart phone business units to encourage synergy. 

With other brands looking to follow suit, what does the future look like for camera brands and how can they stand out in a competitive market?

Top trends:

Polarisation: Middle-of-the-road point and shoot cameras have had their day. If they don’t have a strong USP they will struggle in 2014. An example of where a brand has snapped up a mid market opportunity would be Fujifilm. Fujifilm’s waterproof FinePix XP range has been their top seller for the last four years.

Premium growth: Increasing sales of DLSRs and professional quality cameras. Market growth for interchangeable lenses in 2013 which is looking to increase in 2014. Opportunity for camera brands to expand their offering including high optical zoom, filters and fish eye lenses.


How to stand out: TLC Marketing worked with Panasonic last year to help photographers to choose their premium Lumix models FZ200 or FZ72 over the competent (and equally well-reviewed) competition. Looking at the Lumix consumer they’re relatively adventurous – and less inclined to trust to a smartphone camera to capture their travels.  TLC Marketing created an exclusive – and ground-breaking –partnership with the National Trust, giving a year’s free membership with every qualifying Lumix camera to stand out.

Multifunctionality : It's all about sharing A 2013 CEA report found that 94% of digital photographers share their pictures with others. Cameras now come as standard with WIFI, social networks and advanced editing in the device. Polaroid is launching a new Android camera this year – the Socialmatic, which adds filters and effects, uploads to the internet … and prints mini photos!

How to stand out: Last year TLC Marketing worked with Olympus to encourage sharing and to boost their sales by offering two free concert tickets for every purchase allowing consumers to capture their moment and share the experience.

New Product Developments: To bridge the gap between smart phones and cameras- both physical and digital. We’re seeing an increasing number of ‘snap on lens’ brands and more filter applications being released in 2014.

TLC Marketing Worldwide is the leader in loyalty, incentive and reward campaigns, working across 13 markets with digital camera brands such as Olympus, Canon, Sony and Samsung.