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The Frankies: awarding staff excellence

The Frankies: awarding staff excellence

Posted by phemmie.wilkinson | 11 February

Every year TLC Marketing hold their internal awards ceremony, The Frankies. 

In honour of Frank True, the awards are designed to bring together every TLC team from around the world to celebrate staff members who have gone above and beyond in their roles. Every TLC member of staff casts their vote anonymously and the results are tallied up to reveal the winners on the day/night (depending what part of the world we are in).

Due to the unprecedented success of last year’s Global awards, TLC Marketing will be repeating the ceremony this year in a much more lavish fashion.

Each market has a Fun Club who will be setting up their respective boardrooms with red carpet and champagne. TLC expect nothing less than screams of “who are you wearing?!” and stars in our eyes from the paparazzi camera flashes.  

It’s an event not to be missed.

Everyone then embarks on an around the world trip and the louder the team, the more they move around, the more often their boardroom will appear on the screen.

The glamorous award ceremony will take place on Friday 5th February in true legendary TLC style. We can hardly contain our excitement…

This is just one of the reasons why TLC Marketing is one of the best places to work.