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The power of emotion

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 24 October

It has been welcomed with open arms and labeled by some as ‘a whole load of fluff’. Whatever your opinion on the research technique of Neuromarketing, the findings are interesting. 

Neuromarketing uses neuroscience techniques to try and understand the reasons behind why consumers buy what they buy. It can provide access into consumers’ unconscious minds to discover why they may choose one brand over another. Why they may choose the competition over you.

The research has shown that often, consumers are not making rational decisions, they are making purchase decisions based on their heart, their feelings and their emotions in regards to a brand.*

So what does it all mean for brands? Brands take power from the way they make their consumers feel so ensure your brand has a personality that is able to connect emotionally and be remembered. Customers won’t even understand why they chose you, but they did- unconsciously. 


Ensuring your offerings have an element of customer engagement by creating positive feelings and associations is crucial. Offering experiences is one way to achieve this. These positive associations help to enable an auto-pilot choice response toward your offering. 

This is especially important for grudge purchases. Let’s face it, not many of us actually want to purchase products like tyres and there is often minimal emotion involved in purchasing them. The purchasing process often carries negative emotions and even resentment. TLC Marketing Australia has been successful in incentivizing and rewarding customers for their tyre purchases. We have worked with some of the biggest tyre retailers and tyre brands to create positive emotions towards the purchase and the brand.

Recently, TLC Marketing and Continental Tyres have launched the successful  Conti365 smart phone rewards app, rewarding eligible customers’ tyre purchases with 2-for-1 movie vouchers, discounted dining and music downloads. 

Challenge TLC Marketing Australia to transform your grudge purchase into a positive experience for customers. 


*Mindshare Technologies, 2013