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Soft Drinks Market in Australia

What would convince you to choose one soft drink over another?

Posted by suzanne.rolfe | 12 March

Did you know that soft drinks are the highest FMCG category for impulse purchases?  Almost 60% of shoppers decide on which soft drink or beer to buy when they are in store.* How can soft drink  brands stand out at the point of purchase and convince shoppers to choose them over the competition? Are consumers more inclined to choose the cheapest, the most recognised, or the brand offering a promotion or reward?

Yes, some consumers will choose the cheapest, however in the long run consumer engagement in a FMCG is not gained by offering a two week price cut or solely by a traditional ad campaign. It is strategies that engage customers, create emotional responses and relevance and connection that encourage customers to talk about them, recommend them or search for them on social media.

To activate themselves in store, brands need to not only advertise with traditional media, but offer initiatives for purchase right where the decision is made, in store. If a brand delivers on consumers’ interests, needs and desires by emotionally engaging them, they have the upper hand. Promotions which reward consumers by offering experiences that can be shared with friends or family make these 60% of in store decisions easy, and lasting emotions and memories can be made.  

In the Australian market in particular, there is much hype around Coca-Cola’s announcement of their plan to release a new soft drink in April 2015. Following healthy market trends, the new ‘life’ version of the traditional cola is sweetened with Stevia and contains 1/3 less calories (27 to be exact) and 1/3 less sugar. It is a suspected attempt to reverse declining popularity of soft drinks in Australia. 

What are you doing to promote engagement and sales in FMCG?

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