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How to make memorable brand experiences

Posted by tamar.riley | 21 October

A new Neurosense study "The Science of Good Service", commissioned by American Express, has revealed which service experiences consumers value the most! Here at TLC we’ve pulled out some key trends:

Honest service

Building trust with your consumer and being open, honest and transparent about your services: 35% of those questioned defined this as an experience they would value the most. E.g. a bank not charging their customers ATM fees.

This has been seen most recently in ING Direct’s Orange Everyday campaign, where they ask customers if they want to use every ATM in Australia for free, yes, every single one. 

Rewarding service

34% value being rewarded with high value reward campaign. E.g receiving a gift as a thank-you for being a customer.

The latest Bacardi Amarula campaign from TLC Marketing offered customers a free pamper experience with each purchase of Amarula Cream from participating retailers. 

Personal service

33% also rate high quick and hassle-free problem-solving over the phone.

Ensuring customer centers / social media team / in-store staff are well equipped for peaks in volume, trained with full campaign details including your brand’s tone of voice. The service should flow and be hassle-free.

Responsive service

25% appreciate consumer feedback being taken into account immediately. 

A range of social media channels allow for access to consumer feedback within seconds of consumers experiencing your brand. It is not enough to just see these comments but to actually provide responses that are meaningful and show intent to thanks, respond  and improve upon suggestions.

Value added service

21% finally rate free added value service that improve experience. E.g being upgraded on a flight or something as simple a free cup of tea on their train journey.

Customer experiences are more important than ever. Consumers want to be delighted by retailers in ways that improve the quality of shopping experiences and their relationships with their favorite retail brands. In 2014, the push for truly remarkable customer experiences will become even more intense*.

TLC Marketing created a campaign with Continental Tyres rewarding eligible customers with 2-for-1 movie vouchers, discounted dining and music downloads, plus more. All accessible through a custom built app, giving customers access to these rewards everyday for 12 months.

Upgrading someone’s experience creates a lasting impression.

To watch videos and learn more about the “Science of Good Service” global study follow this link.

*Retail Customer Experience, 2014