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Posted by nikki.saunders | 19 January

With everyone starting the year with their New Year’s Resolutions in place, now is the perfect time for brands to re-engage with consumers and reward them with experiences that are relevant to their goals, adding value to their lives and encouraging loyalty.

With the most common theme for New Year’s Resolutions relating to fitness, beauty, health and travel, now is the time to take advantage of TLC Marketing’s unparalleled Wellness, Fitness and Travel Networks and offer an ‘everyone wins’ experience. 


Wellness Network 
TLC Marketing’s Wellness Network includes over 430 independent businesses across Australia. Treatments include manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, tanning, facials and natural therapy. 

With the average Australian women spending $3,600 on beauty per year, this is 5% of household income, this is a reward that adds real value, offers customers the chance to indulge, or is perfect to pass on as a gift. 


Fitness and Sport Network
TLC Marketing’s Fitness and Sport Network is made up of Yoga passes, Group Training, Surfing Lessons, Personal Training sessions and free trials with multiple partners including Step into Life, Vision PT, F45 Training, Yoga Hive and more.

Gyms see a 30% increase in membership sign-ups in January with people following through with their New Year’s Resolutions to stay fit so why not help keep your customers motivated this year by rewarding them from the TLC Marketing Fitness Network.


Travel Network
Recent studies by TripAdvisor has revealed that 2016 set a record breaking spend on travel with the average Aussie spending $15,000 per year and it’s predicted that 2017 will see more money spent on travel by Aussies than any other nation.

TLC Marketing’s Travel Network is made up of partnerships with over 200 4 & 5 star resorts and hotels in top destinations. TLC Marketing creates unique travel promotions that deliver memorable experiences for your customers, again adding value to the life of your customer. 

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