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Special moments with Panasonic and The National Trust

Panasonic campaign with the National Trust

TLC Marketing, the world’s leading lifestyle rewards agency, announces that they are launching a new campaign bringing together Panasonic and the national trust.

This campaign marks the start of a fantastic partnership which sees two well known brands come together to offer customers a unique opportunity to create special memories.

Panasonic are rewarding every customer who purchase a new Lumix FZ200 or FZ72 camera with a complimentary membership to the National Trust for 12 months; inviting them to discover hundreds of places and capture every stunning detail with their new camera.

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TLC Marketing partners with Hello Fresh for tasty rewards

Dining rewards from Hello Fresh and TLC Marketing

TLC Marketing and Hello Fresh have partnered to create new customer rewards providing all the ingredients companies need to improve sales.

The new partnership will combine the impact of the revolutionary Hello Fresh service and TLC Marketing’s expertise in building acquisition and retention campaigns.

“Our clients need to build a more comprehensive relationship with their customers offering something that earns their brand the emotional engagement everyone is seeking, without the cost to their brand equity” says Andrew Spratley Commercial Director at TLC Marketing.

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TLC Marketing's snapshot Digital Camera polarisation

TLC Marketing blog on camera campaigns

The digital camera market has been on a dramatic decline over the last year with Future Source consulting estimating demand to have dropped by a huge 24%.

It's not surprising when we look around us and see the photographers of today. Everyone and anyone is a photographer, and the majority are using a smart phone. With smart phone penetration increasing (62.2% of Britons according to Our Mobile Planet by Google) this is a trend which isn’t looking to slow dwn.

The blurred line between digital cameras and smart phones is getting fainter, only last month Samsung decided to merge their camera and smart phone business units to encourage synergy.

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Westminster Community Awards 2014

TLC Marketing is proud to be nominated for a Westminster Community Awards 2014

TLC Marketing is really proud to have been nominated by The Marylebone Project (www.madeinmarylebone.co.uk), our London Partner Charity, for the Partnership Award at the Westminster Community Awards 2014; an award that recognises the best example of a private sector organisation working with voluntary sector/community organisations.

Sharon Poon, Made in Marylebone Social Enterprise Manager, said: “TLC’s contribution has made a real difference in improving the services we provide for homeless women and with its expertise in marketing and design, the agency has helped create a brand recognisable by customers”.
“We are very pleased and grateful to be working with the lovely people at TLC!” she added.

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Customer Acquisition Barometer 2014

Have you shared your information in exchange for anything?

Last week, TLC Marketing attended the DMA conference where the findings of the Customer Acquisition Barometer 2014 were launched - A new annual survey of marketers and consumers about acquisition practices produced by the DMA in partnership with McDowall. And we took away some intriguing insights!

52% of consumers knowingly shared their details in the last 12 months, in the interest of finding the latest products and services, getting the best deals and staying in touch with brands – consumers WANT to engage with brands, and the content and method of these interactions are key in building trusting relationships.

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Launching our new reward for Spring - Molly Maid cleaning services

Cleaning rewards for your spring campaign

TLC Marketing is happy to welcome a new exclusive partner - Molly Maid!

MOLLY MAID is one of the world's largest professional home cleaning services carrying out 2 million home cleans every year worldwide; And we are delighted to say that it is the first time MOLLY MAID has partnered with an “everyone wins” promotion agency such as TLC.

At TLC, we are persistently creating innovative rewards, and we know that sometimes what your customers really want is a little help in their everyday life.

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New Business Executive / Telesales Opportunity

Do you want to be part of an exciting, dynamic and creative sales team? TLC Marketing can offer this to you.

Do you want to be part of an exciting, dynamic and creative sales team? TLC Marketing can offer this to you.

Great people, great work and so much potential for professional development. If this is you, then read on!

To generate new business appointments for the Account Director team, leading to building external relationships and generation of new income for the company. The role involves identifying new markets and business opportunities and working with high profile brands and products. In addition, to support the growth of existing relationships with clients to achieve further sales and maximise revenue for TLC.

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Reward it all to your consumers

TLC Marketing has partnered with Argos for Business to give consumers even more choice of rewards

Spoil your consumers with a reward that gives them a choice of over 30,000 great products.

At TLC, we believe that nothing feels better than freedom, so we are really happy to announce a new partnership that will let consumers choose the reward they want!

Thanks to our new partner, Argos for Business, TLC Marketing will offer your brand great creative campaigns while letting your consumers pick the reward of their dreams! Shopping for great rewards has never been easier with our new partnerArgos for Business.

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Do you treat yourself or your pet?

The new Direct Line promotion powered by TLC Marketing

The new Direct Line promotion powered by TLC Marketing presents customers with the toughest choice of all: do they treat their pet or do they treat themselves?

Kirsty Hoad, Direct Line Pet Senior Marketing Consultant, told TLC: “In a very price-driven market, we are really excited to run a fun and engaging promotion. Our customers are savvy and they crave good experiences, we strongly believe this new promotional campaign will bring that to them”.

Nigel Samson, TLC Group Account Director added “The Direct Line campaign is a perfect example of how TLC help brands become experience-facilitators, finding the right reward to create emotional and experiential connections with their customers”.

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The unequal UK box office

the number of cinemagoers is in gradual decline since 2009 and TLC can help

Only just over 1 out of 2 people (53%) go to the cinema at least once every six months in the UK, the Deloitte Media Consumer Survey reveals.

At TLC we read with a  lot of interest Deloitte’s 2014 Media Consumer Survey published this month. The really positive survey highlights the exceptional performances and outstanding use of technology that have propelled UK talent to many awards at the Oscars as well as numerous UK actors and actresses leading light on the silver screen.

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