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Love thy neighbour

Love thy neighbour

Following on from our Home Movers research, which identified that Londoners are not particularly bothered if they move to a friendly neighbourhood or not, we decided to have some fun with our very own Londoners in the TLC office. 

During our research of 1,000 people, we asked, “What was an important factor when deciding where to live?”. Outside of London, a friendly neighbourhood was the 4th most important factor to our respondents. However, in the capital, the want of a friendly neighbourhood ranked near the bottom in 7th place. 

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Love thy neighbour part II

The team tells us about their neighbours

In our last article, we set out to discover if our London neighbours proved or disproved the old wives tale that Londoners aren’t friendly. In part II, we have our final neighbourhood watch stories to help figure out if Londoners are indeed friends or foes.

Chloe Johnson, Premiums Account Manager.

Our neighbours house was like our second home when we were young and living in Brexley. They even helped to babysit us occasionally. Rather than running to the shop when we were running low on everyday essentials, they would always be happy to help out and we’d always repay the favour. We even had a gate built into the fence when we were younger so we could flutter between theirs and ours rather than knocking on each other’s front door. After moving, we now only say hello to our current neighbours.

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Is the Uber Eats man even worse than the Trivago woman?

Uber Eats man

There seems to be a worrying trend emerging.

Plain expression models promoting brands are popping up everywhere. Staring down at us on our commute. Watching us from the back of toilet doors. Interrupting our relaxing browse through a magazine, it is an endless disruption.

Following on from the uninspiring ‘Trivago woman’ who in no way spurred us on to book a hotel, rather the opposite, causing uproar among advertisers and creatives alike. Standing vacantly beside a search engine she got under the skin of many in the industry and she was not easy to ignore. Her face has been plastered all over the tube stations in London as a constant reminder on our commute of the lack of creativity, leaving us all wondering “How the hell did that get signed off?” To my dismay the Uber Eats team seem to have taken their advertising cues from the comparison site too.

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TLC Marketing takes home four trophies at the IMC Awards

IMC Winners

After a successful 2017, we finish the awards season with four more trophies to add to our collection, thanks to our Pallas Foods loyalty scheme and Giant Chip Fork marketing campaign. 

Being recognised in four different categories at the 2017 IMC Awards, we took home awards for ‘B2B’ and ‘Loyalty’ for the Pallas Foods Relish Rewards scheme and two more accolades for ‘B2B’ and ‘Direct 1:1’ for our ‘Giant Chip Fork’ campaign.

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The TLC Trust: A global mission

TLC Trust

As Christmas approaches, it's the time for giving and last week, TLC Marketing travelled to Johannesburg to make the lives of local children a little bit better.

Staff from as far as Italy and Portugal travelled to South Africa for an unconventional working week, as they rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in with the renovation of a children’s care centre. 

In partnership with JAM, we launched our charitable campaign in 2016, with the goal of creating better living conditions for rural Africans. Our latest venture has seen the much-needed renovation of the ‘Diepsloot Community Center’, meaning children can receive the education they deserve in a secure and safe environment. 

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