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Braun Detox Retreat IPM Award

Braun blends mechanical innovation with a VIP luxury competition prize

Posted by danielle.gamage | 24 March

Braun is giving one lucky customer the opportunity to win a VIP spa retreat when they purchase the new MultiQuick 9 hand blender.

Braun have long been established as mechanical pioneers and are well known for their progressive ideas and innovative product solutions. Their ambition lies in creating appliances that are at the service of the user and make life easier and more convenient. 

Campaign background:

According to a Mintel report on Small Kitchen Appliances – UK December 2015, Blenders are the most desired products among consumers driven by the trend of healthier eating and smoothie making. The market grew by almost 50% in 2014 to reach £70 million and by 2020 is expected to grow a further 32%. However, as penetration levels increase, prices are expected to fall in the mid-market and growth will slow as the space is taken up in people’s kitchens. With this in mind, Braun saw an opportunity to launch a new high end blender with technology and capabilities that far outweigh competitors in the market, the ‘Braun MultiQuick 9’. 

The challenge:

The challenge from the outset was convincing consumers that this product was worth investing in. ACTIVEblade Technology, designed to release the goodness within ingredients, can blend even the hardest of foods with 40% less effort, but a price point of £109.99 - £159.99 RRP makes it significantly more expensive than the £17 average for this category.


  • Promote the Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender to a wider demographic of AB consumers
  • Strengthen existing and gain new retail relationships. Lakeland and Steamer Trading were the target
  • Raise awareness of the product features and reflect the benefit of using the ‘Braun MultiQuick 9’ hand blender over competitor products

Target audience:

Females aged 25-45. Food enthusiasts, health conscious and tech savvy, with a passion for creativity in the kitchen. Interested in quality and the origin of food they consume has enhanced the sophistication of their palette. Once engaged with a brand they stay loyal and with this loyalty comes strong word of mouth recommendations. 

The solution:

To capitalise on this refined interest in excellence, the Braun Amchara Detox campaign centered around a competition to win a week’s stay at the Amchara Detox resort in Malta, including flights, accommodation and a VIP treatment bundle. This added value lifestyle reward simultaneously reflects the nature of the product as well as the aspirations and interests of the consumer. 

The lucky winner simply uploads proof of purchase to the registration website (or by post) with a chance to win a week’s stay at the Amchara Detox resort in Malta, including flights, accommodation and a VIP treatment bundle.


The competition has exceeded expectations by 600% with still two months remaining. 

As a result of this campaign, Braun is now live on John Lewis online, AO, Debenhams (from April) and Curry’s (from Summer).

The campaign also took home a Silver trophy in the Household and Pet category at the prestigious Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards 2017.

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