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De-stressing is an essential

Posted by katie.dennis | 06 March

Last week, TLC Marketing fought the elements to attend Professional Beauty London at the ExCel. 

Professional Beauty is the UK’s biggest annual beauty and spa trade show, welcoming 800 brands and industry professionals to showcase their newest products and share the latest insight. Now in its 30th year, it welcomes some of the biggest names in beauty from the likes of Dermalogica and Elemis.

With four different live stages hosting 50 talks in total, it was the perfect opportunity for TLC Marketing to learn about the latest trends within the beauty market. Gemma Lea, National Training Manager at skincare brand Comfort Zones, was on hand to share the latest insight into nutrition and wellbeing.

During her talk, ‘How sleep, stress and exercise affect the skin’, she discussed chronobiology, the science between human’s internal workings and biological timekeeping. Understanding the optimum timings for the production of hormones can help to reduce stress, with stress said to cause premature ageing, dark circles under the eyes and general loss of radiance to the skin. Gemma noted if we lead a less stressful life and followed chronobiology recommendations, such as sleeping between 10pm and 6am and exercising between 6am and 9am (which is also said to maximise weight loss), our skin will thank us for it.  

For those who are not quite ready to live by their biological clock, implementing simple changes into our daily lives such as turning off mobile phones an hour before bed and eating foods that are high in antioxidants, such as goji berries, will also see our skin improve. 

During her talk, Gemma also discussed the modern Millennial, highlighting the coveted generation are more educated about nutrition than ever before and embrace the belief that a healthy body is a happy body. Despite Millennials being one of the healthiest generations, they are also the most anxious. Stress plays a big part in their lives and with our society addressing mental health more openly, the problem is now more apparent than ever. Reports suggest that by 2020 the top four diseases will be stress-related. 

Aside from stress, another huge contributor to poor physical and mental health is the environment. 66% of the population are forecast to live in cities by 2050 where pollution is already a big issue today and likely to worsen in the long run. 

With many people noticing these environmental effects on their skin and others feeling the pressure from society to look good, the UK is reported to be the 7th most depressed country in the world. The top four countries in the World Happiness Report are Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland, with these European countries viewing ‘me time’ as an essential part of life. Aside from including massages, bubble baths and yoga into their daily lives, many people have also started to embrace hygge. 

Hygge is the concept of living cosily and prioritising mental wellbeing. With many people in the UK feeling the pressures of modern and city life, it could be time for the UK to follow in the footsteps of its Scandinavian friends and light a candle, grab a cup of hot chocolate and wrap up in a blanket. There is a need for relaxation with benefits that improve the skin, reduce stress and increase happiness.


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