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Happy Earth Day

Earth Day 2018

Posted by faye.stammers | 20 April

Earth Day is being celebrated globally this weekend (22nd of April) and calls for the end of waste that is endangering the world we live in. The movement encourages people to take action from eating less meat to creating their own act of green, such as planting a tree or picking up litter on the beach.

In the office, we’ve started an initiative to do the little things that will (in turn) make a big impact. From ditching regular batteries for rechargeable ones to getting our weekly fruit shop from a local supplier as opposed to a large supermarket (as large supermarkets are renowned for using lots of plastic packaging).

We have to give some credit to supermarkets however. Last week, Waitrose announced plans to scrap disposable coffee cups, meaning that 52 million cups, 221 tonnes of plastic and 665 tonnes of paper won’t go to waste every year.

Whilst it is only a small step (in the U.K alone we use 2.5 billion disposable cups every year), at least Waitrose are actually making a change. And it’s not just our daily caffeine fix that has got a lot more eco-friendly. 

Adidas announced recently that all shirts worn by teams in the Major League Soccer League (MLS) games during this coming Earth Day weekend will be made from recycled plastic ocean waste.

Those wanting to get the latest piece of recyclable fashion can buy tees both on the Adidas and MLS websites.

It’s great to see so many brands doing their bit to help the planet. This time next year, we anticipate even more brands will be doing their part to save the world.

Until next Earth Day.



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