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Filippo Berio shake to win shortlisted for CIM award 2018

Filippo Berio shortlisted for CIM best use of social media

Posted by emma.critchley | 11 January

And so, 2018 kicks off with Filippo Berio Shake to Win being our first shortlisted client campaign in the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Awards 2018. The campaign is up for Best Use of Social Media as it help the brand celebrate 150 years of rich heritage and dedication to quality and fine flavour with its customers.

With the year marking the 150th anniversary, the concept of the promotion was to go back to the roots of the brand, to the beginning and bring it all to life. 

Going live on 1st November to coincide with the olive harvest in Lucca (the home of Filippo Berio) the “Shake to win” game enabled customers to literally shake the tree to make three olives fall. Enabled by internal smartphone technology, gyroscope, users could shake their smartphone which would in turn, shake the tree causing the olives to fall. Desktop users simply clicked the tree to watch it shake and the olives fall.  

The olives would land on the rustic wooden table. The player simply selected an olive in order to find out whether they’d won a prize. Players were directed to the game via Filippo Berio social media channels.

“Filippo Berio is a brand with great heritage, who are responsible for some excellent work over the past year. I’m delighted to announce that, in the face of extremely stiff competition, that their marketing activities have been to such a high standard that we have shortlisted them for our Marketing Excellence Awards,” commented Chris Daly, chief executive of CIM. 

The CIM’s prestigious Marketing Excellence Awards recognise and reward brilliance in the field of marketing, celebrating the finest minds within the profession. These awards are a fantastic way to raise awareness of the creativity and originality delivered by marketers, as well as showcase the successes of marketing teams and individuals alike. 

Chris Daley went on to say, “Despite a challenging climate for business, the quality of entries this year has been extremely high, showcasing innovation, creativity and an ability to address the changing needs of the modern consumer. Our Marketing Excellence Awards recognise the industry’s achievements and those of the marketing teams and leaders responsible for such outstanding work – it’s great to include Filippo Berio in that category.” 

TLC Marketing together with Filippo Berio are looking forward to finding out who has won the coveted trophy at a ceremony in London on 12th April 2018. 

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