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Fish and Chips the nations favourite takeaway

Fish and chips crowned the nations favorite takeaway

Posted by danielle.gamage | 22 August

Back in April, The Evening Standard announced that fish and chips had taken the crown as the nation’s favourite takeaway. With 382 million portions of fish and chips consumed each year from 10,500 UK outlets, it’s no wonder the traditional dish is battering the competition. 

Most chip lovers are motivated to buy fish and chips when socialising - whether it’s watching the football at home or having a drink with friends at the pub. 

So what did we do at TLC Marketing? We took the emotional element of the customer purchase and wrapped it up as a TLC added value lifestyle reward. We’ve been busy building an exclusive network of fish and chip shops, able to offer a free portion as part of a promotional reward campaign.

Surprising customers with something so simple, yet so relevant can enhance brand association, cut through the noise and end up being that viral campaign every brand manager dreams of. 

Look at Virgin Media. They understand it’s tough to compete with rivals, Sky and BT Sport so they’ve disrupted the market and made a change to how football sponsorship builds genuine relationships between fans and brands. Mixing price marketing (capping away fan tickets at £20) with added value (fans enjoyed a free drink on the opening game of the season and travel up to the Manchester United game); Virgin Media has certainly carved out a niche by simply making their brand the reason for an enhanced customer experience. 

Go on, give your customers what they really want. 

Fish and chips, officially the nation’s favourite take-away - and the healthiest. 

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