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Posted by francesca.pezzoli | 11 August

Call me crazy, I started 2016 with a very cold sea swim in Swansea Bay inspired by a friend who does all that Iron Man stuff. I was spurred on to believe I can actually do this three discipline thing. Coupled with the admiration of the workers helping the poor little children of the school in that desperate township in Jo'Burg, I took the challenge of training all year for a hat trick of triathlons.

So, TLC made the decision to focus our global attention on the school, where we have made a little contribution, to make a big difference. I'm also two triathlons down and one to go so 6 weeks away from completing my goals.
This isn't a begging bowl for the charity, nor is it about me in any way. It's a communication to invite anybody that wishes to help that little bit towards our beautiful goal to rebuild a nice environment for the future of the school, so without any obligation at all, please feel free to donate any spare change for this fabulous cause.

Have a giggle at some of the pictures of my sufferings.


Join me the TLC Trust with a small donation: https://www.gofundme.com/TLCTRUSTALEC

#SocialGood #DoGoodFeelGood #KidsDeserveIt

Thank you!