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Junior Planner and university star: Katie’s year

Posted by faye.stammers | 19 June

Every year, TLC Marketing are blown away by the high calibre of talent that placement students bring and today, it’s time to celebrate Katie’s time at TLC Marketing.

Katie joined the TLC Marketing Planning team last summer as a highly motivated and driven advertising student who at university alone, is always the first to put herself forward for extra-curriculum activities. She spent her second year at university as a Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) leader to first-year students and while fully immersing herself at TLC, Katie has continued to support others, dedicating her spare time to being a Bournemouth University placement leader.

Katie has proven a tough, can-do attitude as she balanced full-time work with-curricular commitments - without it affecting her high standard of work. Recently, she even managed to campaign to be a ‘Senior Rep’ for her final year of university, a role she won after receiving the most votes from her peers.

Katie is an asset to the company and Bournemouth University. Here is her year as a Junior Planner from her eyes.

What attracted you to TLC Marketing?

TLC Marketing is a fast-paced agency who work with a number of big, well-known brands which suited my idea of a beneficial placement.

Tell us more about your role?

Predominantly, my job is to research the market, the brand and the consumer in order to inform our proposed reward ideas. I then present these findings to the client at proposal meetings. I have worked on almost 60 brands throughout my placement including Vodafone, Brother and Rimmel.

What has been your highlight?

Having the opportunity to present my findings to senior staff at some of the world’s biggest brands. One of my proudest moments was overcoming my nerves in an extremely important meeting and using my research to engage with the client on a personal level. I even made them laugh! Later, John Pearson our Managing Director personally thanked me for my hard work.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Having the confidence in my own work so that I could explain my ideas with self-assurance. I overcame this by learning to take constructive criticism as an opportunity to develop professionally rather than letting it affect me personally. 

What advice would you give to someone about to start their internship?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, reaching your full potential in a role takes time. Remember that you are constantly learning and developing. 

Sum up your TLC Marketing internship in three words.

Eye-opening, invaluable and enjoyable

On her year at TLC, Planning Director Ben Fillery, said, “I don’t see Katie as being a placement student but a fully-fledged member of the Planning and Strategy team, as do the other departments who work with her. She takes direction exceptionally well and embraces her work-related tasks with a smile and a positive ‘can do’ attitude.”

Sophie Hockridge, Strategy Manager at TLC Marketing, said, “I have loved working with Katie. From the moment she came in for her interview and mentioned she was a Harry Potter fan, I knew we were going to get on. She has worked with the team on a huge variety of brands during the year from sofas to insurance companies and has done it all with a smile. It’s been great to see her grow in confidence and I am sure we will see her name in the marketing industry in the future - watch this space.”

Katie, it’s been a pleasure.  



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