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Love thy neighbour

Love thy neighbour

Posted by faye.stammers | 01 November

Following on from our Home Movers research, which identified that Londoners are not particularly bothered if they move to a friendly neighbourhood or not, we decided to have some fun with our very own Londoners in the TLC office. 

During our research of 1,000 people, we asked, “What was an important factor when deciding where to live?”. Outside of London, a friendly neighbourhood was the 4th most important factor to our respondents. However, in the capital, the want of a friendly neighbourhood ranked near the bottom in 7th place. 

“Londoners aren’t friendly” is an all too familiar saying. Keen to discover whether this was the reason why a friendly neighbourhood ranked so low, we asked the TLC UK office to tell us their thoughts on their neighbours.  

Sabeena Sanghera, Partnership and Content Specialist. 

We moved into a new apartment in Ilford recently, which didn’t seem very welcoming based on first impressions. However, during Diwali, two Hindu gentlemen from the building knocked on our door. They offered us candles that they said symbolise light over darkness. They also invited us to the celebrations they had arranged for our building.

Sophie Hockridge, Strategy Support Manager.

When I lived in Clapham North, a bar cleverly disguised as a restaurant opened opposite. They were open until 2am and were so noisy, meaning I used to storm outside in my pyjamas and shout at the bouncers. The lady next door was also kept up by the noise. We became a team and she would come out and help me tell them off in her hairnet and nightie. She even gave me a bottle of tequila for my birthday and told me to make more noise than the bar.

Georgie Whitmore, Account Manager.

One of our neighbours once knocked on our door demanding we have a curfew after a night of loud music. Safe to say, they don’t love thy neighbour.

Emma Critchley, PR and Marketing Manager.

I have many great stories about my neighbours, but one that stands out is when my electric whisk packed up half way through making some cream cheese frosting. Now, if you know your frosting you’ll know this was a serious cause for concern. The cheese was getting warm and my light, airy frosting was getting stodgy and sloppy. Five minutes after putting an urgent SOS message on our building’s Facebook page, I was saved by a perfect stranger who I now know as Katherine at 311. To this day, that cake has gone down in history. 

Paul Conisbee, Global Premiums Director.

I have always got on well with my neighbours, we’ve even helped each other out with painting, building sheds and cutting hedges. We even have an end of road party once a year. 

Teresa Cabrera, Partnerships and Content Executive. 

Our neighbour is the most caring man ever. Around 70, he organises our letters when they arrive and he even waters our plants. Last time I was sick, he let me use his thermometer and he called by the next day after to see if I was doing better.


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