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Love thy neighbour part II

Posted by faye.stammers | 01 November

In our last article, we set out to discover if our London neighbours proved or disproved the old wives tale that Londoners aren’t friendly. In part II, we have our final neighbourhood watch stories to help figure out if Londoners are indeed friends or foes.

Chloe Johnson, Premiums Account Manager.

Our neighbours house was like our second home when we were young and living in Brexley. They even helped to babysit us occasionally. Rather than running to the shop when we were running low on everyday essentials, they would always be happy to help out and we’d always repay the favour. We even had a gate built into the fence when we were younger so we could flutter between theirs and ours rather than knocking on each other’s front door. After moving, we now only say hello to our current neighbours.

Lara Till, Junior Account Executive. 

There is a running joke with my neighbour that whenever either of us buy wine, we can’t find a bottle opener, meaning we are always knocking on each other’s doors to borrow one. She always offers me a glass of wine and vice versa, which has meant over the years we have got to know each other better. We also collect each other’s post and leave in a neat pile on each other’s door mats. 

We had so many responses from the office wanting to talk about their neighbours, we couldn’t leave out those who have lived or currently live outside of London.

Katie Dennis, Junior Planner. 

When we lived in my family home in Hartley, Kent, we had a neighbour called Mollie. She’s 90 and lives alone after her husband died over 15 years ago. We used to walk my dog together and she’d even babysit me. Still, even after moving 20 minutes away, we still see her and take her out for lunch and to the theatre. Whenever I see her, she has a stash of chocolates for waiting for me. She’s basically my Grandma.

Anthony Marshall, Designer and Developer. 

Living in Huntingdon, for the first time I know both adjacent neighbours. Both couples have been in our house, either because of post or helping us out with something. The neighbours are okay but I once answered the door wearing my boxer shorts and a t-shirt which I think put them off of me a little bit.

Leon Young, Business Development Executive. 

I say hi to my neighbours and they sometimes say hi back. I’ll occasionally give one of my neighbours sons a lift to the train station. 

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