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Marketing Week Live 2017 Breaking the internet with Steve Bartlett

Marketing Week Live 2017: Breaking the Internet with Steve Bartlett

Posted by danielle.gamage | 09 March

Entrepreneurship is more successful than ever thanks to digital. Social has allowed many, like Social Chain’s CEO Steve Bartlett, to create successful business for themselves, recruiting a network of influencers that work with huge brands to target the savvy and conscious consumer.

Influencers have their own followers who look to them for tips, advice and entertainment in areas such as beauty, gaming, music and fitness. With all of these different types of influencers out there, each with tens of thousands of keen followers, brands from different sectors can all tap into the influential marketing tactic. After all, 40% of people don’t trust traditional advertising. 

Bartlett even talked micro-influencers. These personalities often have less than 5,000 followers on social platforms such as Instagram, yet they’re perfect for brands that want to target more niche groups. Micro-influencer’s followers are more defined by characteristics similar to the influencer themselves and when used by brands, can be the modern day brand ambassador. In order to get the ROI marketers need, brands will have to set expectations accordingly. 5,000 followers won’t bring in any significant return so there is a need to recruit a number of micro-influencers to have the desired effect.

To be truly successful at winning over an audience you need to measure more than just impressions, likes, comments, clicks and opens. Bartlett explains that brands need to drill deeper than digital engagement and make their audience feel something. The truth is the evolution of the digital age now requires us to have an emotional impact and that’s what will set brands apart in the coming years. 

When Bartlett took questions form the audience he expanded on ‘Live Stories’ appearing everywhere on social. Instagram added the feature last year and this week Facebook announced they were claiming their ‘Social real-time updates’ title back. So that provokes the question; what will happen to Snapchat?

150 million people using Instagram stories every single day. This roughly equates to Snapchat’s total user base. Social updates used to come in the form of writing a MySpace, Bebo or Facebook status but mobile internet has exploded and we can now easily watch and create videos and pictures from the device in the palm of our hand. So this new feature is simply bringing that audience back to Facebook, the original status update platform. And, with the increase in ads appearing on Snapchat, they’re going to have a hard time on their hands trying to stay at the forefront of their target markets everyday experiences.


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