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Queen's Award Presentation TLC Marketing

On behalf of Her Majesty, Deputy Lieutenant presents TLC Marketing with their Queen’s Award

Posted by danielle.gamage | 13 February

On the 9th February 2017 and on behalf of Her Majesty, Colleen Harris, former press secretary to Prince Charles, and current Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London, presented The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade to TLC Marketing.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade recognises the company’s successful growth into the Chinese, Brazilian and South African markets, as well as winning highly competitive industry awards in the UK, France, Italy and America.

When presenting the award on behalf of Her Majesty, Colleen Harris gave a very moving speech that made everyone feel extremely proud. "The conditions for success in this category of award are very demanding. When the panel meets to consider recommendations, they look for a substantial and sustained increase in international trade, resulting in significant growth in overseas earnings and in commercial success to a level which is outstanding for the products or services concerned." She emphasised how sought-after the award is and the sparing nature in which it is awarded. 

Co-founders Alec Johnson and Nick True were invited by Her Majesty to Buckingham Palace for a formal presentation in July. Chairman Nick True attributes the recognition for this high accolade to the "company culture and staff commitment. The international success is a result of each and every member of the TLC family." Alec Johnson, CEO, thanked "all those whose hard work has gone into gaining such a striking achievement. It's being presented to us, but really this is for all of you".


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