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Ones To Watch #11

Ones to Watch. Issue #11.

Posted by sophie.hockridge | 22 November

By now, most high street Christmas lights have officially been turned on. This year’s John Lewis advert arrived last week prompting us all to download Elton John’s greatest hits and we’ve had our first sighting of the Coca-Cola lorry on the telly. This all means one thing. The festive period is upon us, which seems to creep earlier and earlier each year. So at risk of looking like Scrooge we are sharing in the merriment by getting ahead of this year’s festive trends. Even though it is only November.

For those of you who are new to ONES TO WATCH here’s a bit about what you can expect. Each month we keep our eyes peeled for the latest immersive experience, fitness craze, food obsession or newest gadget - some very useful, some utterly bizarre! Our job is to sift through magazines, social media, online content, brand communications, Pinterest boards, event agendas (the list is endless and I’ve run out of breath but you get the idea) so you don’t have to. All you have to do is come back monthly for your bite size chunk of the trendiest trends.

Zero waste gift wrapping

This year we haven’t been able to escape the sustainability trend, and Christmas is no different. For those, who like me, feel guilty about furiously ripping off layers upon layers of snowflake decorated paper, matching ribbons and glittery gift tags only to throw it all away. Sitting there after the unwrapping Armageddon moaning about the amount of wastage. There will be a focus this December on minimal wrapping, think cloth and brown paper bags, which can be reused. Replacing rolls of wrapping paper with gift bags that will be saved in drawers to conceal future Christmas presents. I’m sure your local bin men will also be very grateful.


Again 2018 has seen plant-based diets become more mainstream, with many understanding the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. So the Christmas dinner will too be subject to tweaks. We will likely see plenty of meat alternatives replacing the traditional turkey. Many of the major supermarkets have launched vegan friendly versions of the annually awaited Christmas sandwich. M&S with their ‘no turkey feast’ including soya protein and Pret opting for a roast butternut squash alternative. A classic festive drink has also had the vegan treatment. Known as ‘vegnog’ the dairy-free eggnog will use non-dairy milk like cashew, almond or coconut.

Not your average advent

Even as an adult it is compulsory to countdown to December 25th by opening little doors filled with chocolate. How else would we know what day it is? However, advent calendars are no longer limited to chocolate treats. In the last couple of years there has been an overhaul of the classic advent with cheese advent calendars, coffee advent calendars and even beef jerky options. Looking for something boozier, you can now order gin advent calendars or craft beer or different whiskies for each day. It might be more sensible to save these doors to the evening rather than the morning. If food and drink advent calendars aren’t your thing, you can go for a Ciate calendar with different nail varnishes to try each day or a different look for each day of December with a Charlotte Tilbury version.

Asymmetric wreaths

A few keen homeowner’s have already put their decorations up but for most of us we are debating our festive theme for this year. Either dusting off boxes of baubles from the attic that have been collected over the years or deciding this is the year to switch from reds to golds. Many have turned to Pinterest with the site reporting over 62 million users searching for festive embellishment ideas since the summer. One of the most pinned ideas new for 2018 has been the asymmetric wreath. In other words a wreath that is only half full of pine, berries and cinnamon sticks. The result is a modern style statement that shows visitors and carol singers alike you are Christmas cutting edge.

Battered turkey and sprouts

One fish and chip shop in Devon have taken Christmas innovation one step further. Andrew Marshall has capitalised on Brits love for deep fried food and created the ‘Chipmas’ dinner. It started with battered Brussel sprouts, followed by deep fried pigs in blankets. Marshall thought why stop there so created an entirely battered turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Turkey legs – fried. Stuffing – fried. Gravy bombs – fried. And mince pies, you guessed it – fried. So if the Christmas period wasn’t already calorie filled enough for you, head down to Devon.

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