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Posted by sophie.hockridge | 23 May

A Royal welcome to this month’s edition.

May has arrived, otherwise known as the start of the wedding season, marked this year by our Harry and Meghan. So without further ado I royally announce the trends one should be looking out for in the month to follow, including a handy tip for how to safely enjoy your regal smashed avocado on toast. 

Joseph Joseph

For all you hipster brunchers out there, who can’t function on a weekend before poached eggs atop of sourdough – your smashed avocado dreams are about to become a reality. Taking the danger out of cutting an avocado are the pioneers of stylish yet functional design Joseph Joseph. Their avocado tool, created following the increase in demand of the green brunch hype, allows you to open, de-stone, scoop and slice all in one. Since launch, the product has consistently featured in the top ten lists of the coolest and best kitchen gadgets. We tried it out for ourselves in the office for a Friday breakfast and can confirm it is genius! No longer is there a need to risk a finger or thumb plus, it's certainly a quicker way to get your avocado fix.


If you’re anything like me and need an incentive to exercise then look no further for the app of your dreams. Sweatcoin actually pays you to get fit. Well, kind of. It works by converting your daily steps into currency, which build up in an online market to spend on rewards including PayPal cash, trainers, experiences and even iPhones. You’ll now find me getting off the bus two stops early, taking the stairs and strutting round the block at the end of the day instead of watching another episode of Suits on the sofa. 

Retro games 

Last year ‘kidult’ experiences were big. Who doesn’t love engaging their inner child and jumping into big ball pits or navigating giant adult bouncy castles? This year retro ways to spend a day or night out are back with a boozy new lease of life. Ditch the dancefloor for crazy golf and darts clubs and get ready to scream "Bingo" at the top of your lungs. Events like Drag Queen Bingo and Social Academy Bingo have been fully booked in major cities across the UK. More and more crazy golf bars and rooftops are opening up from Swingers, Plonk, Junkyard and Flight Club, offering you a game along with your rum and coke. Popular with big groups of friends and colleagues alike we are booking to try it ourselves. Although after the last office outing at Bounce, the competitive colleagues might be asked to sit this one out. 


This is the must-have app for dedicated dog owners and features on-demand dog walking, dog sitting and dog boarding. What’s really cool about the app is the integrated GPS tracking that allows you to track your dog’s activities from your phone, so you can check they have been walked, how long for and even what route they took. Owners can even have a play by play of their pets outings thanks to photo updates from the sitter - so pooches should be ready to strike their best pose. Just some of the snazziest features include an activity report of what your pet has eaten throughout the day and even 'toilet' updates, telling you of how many number ones and twos have been well, you get the idea. It has really taken off in the US particularly in the busy poochy loving cities of LA and San Francisco. The trusted if slightly invasive way to make sure your dog is well looked after. 

Suitcase Magazine

Round about now is the time of year that we start getting bombarded on social media by other people’s holiday pics. Tanned legs (or sizzling hot dogs - we can never tell) by the pool and cocktails on deck chairs. All the usual popular holiday destinations crop up but if you want to stand out from the crowd, Suitcase Magazine could be for you. It features stunning photography from travel and lifestyle bloggers The Curious Pear and the magazine covers new city breaks, adventure trips and local experiences to enjoy. Whilst it’s all beautifully crafted on good quality printed stock, the duo also have a divine Instagram account which I highly recommend for those wanting to build their wanderlust list.

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