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Posted by sophie.hockridge | 17 July

Boy oh boy it has been warm around here, I hope you’ve been bulk buying fans and staying cool over the last month. Along with the British heatwave we have some more hot trends for you this July, so sit back with your feet in an ice bucket and chill out.

Getting drunk in your pants

I’m sure that headline caught your attention! Last year, we were all convinced the way to happiness was to be more hygge, a Nordic concept that loosely translates as a state of cosiness and feeling of contentment. Our homes filled with knitted blankets, candles and hot drinks in an attempt to be more hygge. However, this year a less smug Finnish concept is set to be the buzzword for autumn - ‘Pantsdrunk’. This experience literally involves drinking at home, alone, in your underwear, no wonder Helsinki is the happiest city in the world. The trend allegedly started as a way to cope with the long, dark winters but has now become engrained in the countries culture. So much so that the ministry of foreign affairs even references it in its guide to the country. As you can imagine, we will be totally on board with this and will be picking up our handbook by Miska Rantenen when it launches in the UK. If you need me I’ll be on the sofa in my M&S finest and a large glass of Malbec.

Travel your way

For millennials and Gen Z’ers the idea of an all-inclusive resort with the same familiar breakfast buffet every morning and cabaret evenings is their worst nightmare. They are looking for more authentic travel experiences. Enter Trippin the anti-tourist travel app which provides in-the-know, local guides to cities around the world. The app works in a similar way to Spotify whereby you can create your own playlists of your favourite places to eat, drink and be merry which can be shared with other members. This might be the best picnic park, finest vintage shops or your favourite place for that morning caffeine fix. All the content is user-generated by locals and like-minded explorers who are more interested in the hidden gems rather than the big attractions. The brand also has a pretty cool retro style logo and merchandise which has already sold out. I’ve downloaded the app and will be adding my South East London hot spots ASAP.

We all scream for ice cream

In this hot weather eating ice cream for every meal is okay right? Well, if you want to take it up a notch from that four pack of Cornetto’s listen up. Bompas & Parr are the immersive dining experts who created the Roald Dahl Twits dining experience, London’s first Drive Thru and a room filled with an alcoholic cloud. This summer they're opening an ice cream exhibition. Aptly named Scoop, this wonderful world of ice cream will feature weird and wonderful versions of the dessert in a converted gasworks near King’s Cross station. You can expect to explore the past, present and future of ice cream including (spoiler alert) fizzing flavours, glow in the dark scoops, fountains of hundreds and thousands and even an all-day breakfast ice cream. That means it’s definitely okay to eat ice cream first thing in the morning.

Free beer

No really, this isn’t a gimmick to keep your attention. Bored of the same old 2 for 1 dining offers and discounts that are only available on a Monday between half three and four? Luckily for us, Time Out have launched their own dining proposition ‘More’. In response to a stale dining card market they asked millennials what offers would get them excited. Unsurprisingly the response was overwhelmingly free drinks with their meal, but also perks like free desserts, free starters and queue jump at the city’s most popular joints. Not only this but they are fed up of offers at the same chains and instead want offers at their local independent restaurants and bars. The digital membership has a variety of added extras from free beer at Franco Manca, free Aperol Spritz at Polpo to free Nutella rings at Pizza Pilgrims, queue jump and a free welcome cocktail at Where the Pancakes Are and free guacamole at Tortilla. Anyone hungry?


Ever thought, "You know what would really take my karaoke classic to the next level? A backup gospel choir"? Well this next one is for you. It’s Unknown are the guys who brought us Comedy House Party and Musical Bingo, have embarked on their latest venture, Gospeloke. Reinventing karaoke by accompanying brave volunteers with their own 15-piece backing gospel choir. Described as ‘Sister Act’ meets ‘Top of the Pops’ choose your soulful tune, whether this is Bon Jovi or Tina Turner and get ready to belt out the words. Sure to make even the most tone deaf sound pleasant. Our own Marketing Manager Em tried it out in Hoxton and said it’s impossible not to be out of your seat and singing along. She even got a medal for her performance. Not that she boasted it around the office the next day, at all!


For those of us with furry friends, holidays can come with mixed emotions. Packing bikinis and inflatable watermelons with such excitement only to catch poor Rovers eyes in the corner, and so the guilt sets in. None of us enjoy leaving our pets in the kennels, with neighbours or your crazy Auntie Sue and her 10 cats, while you jet off to somewhere hot. Sorry Sue. Well fear not, now they can go on their own holiday too. Our colleagues in Brazil have informed us that booking dog in with another animal lover has become a quite the thing over there with the introduction of Dog Hero. Now man and woman's best friend can enjoy their own break away leaving you with less poolside worries. The only problem we can’t solve is watering your plants. Sue might still have to step in there.

British company, Borrow My Doggy started up in 2012 and has been connecting pooch owners and lovers ever since. 

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