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Billie Wilson

Onwards and upwards for our Junior Account Executive

Posted by faye.stammers | 23 June

As the weather soared to record breaking levels in recent weeks, the summer season means two things for TLC Marketing. New beginnings but also goodbyes, as our interns bid farewell to the company on their return to Bournemouth University to conclude their final year of studies. 

Our Junior Account Executive, Billie Wilson, played a proactive part of the TLC team, with her biggest clients including Bupa, Vodafone and Braun, which won a Silver in the Household and Pet category at the IPM Awards

We sat down for a chat with Billie to get some insight into her year.

What attracted you to TLC Marketing?

The fact TLC is a global agency with a huge range of brands really struck me first. I had witnessed some of TLC’s work first hand before in the supermarket, so was instantly attracted to the prospect of working with an agency with such a wide array of well-known clients. In the past year, TLC have certainly made their presence known, their trophies now take pride of place in the office and I’m sure in years to come, they’re going to have to make way for even more accolades. 

During my interview, it was clear TLC’s “work hard, play hard” environment was somewhere I could see myself excelling. The team gets along so well, with great social events that, in turn create this fabulous working environment in where we all get along on a day to day basis.

What brands have you worked with?

Some clients I liaised closely with includes Bupa, Vodafone, MORE TH>N, Braun, EE, NCS, Paymentsense, Pallas, GAA and Energizer to name a few.

How has TLC developed your career path? 

Although university has provided me with various skills and knowledge, my placement at TLC has equipped me with first-hand experience that cannot be taught in a classroom. I’ve had insight into each department and now fully understand how everyone comes together to create amazing campaigns. Without TLC, I would have never learnt how an agency works.

What has been your highlight?

TLC trusted me to manage campaigns, something I never imagined would happen in my placement year. Being given that level of responsibility proved how much of a valued member of the team I was at TLC.

What have you enjoyed the most?

Being a valued member of the team. Not once was I made to feel like an intern. Everyone is so supportive, meaning you learn so much, so soon. The people at TLC and the culture of this place make it such a great place to work. 

Have you had any personal fist pump moments, and if so what are they? 

A huge fist pump moment was when Braun won a silver award at the IPM awards. This was the first campaign I’d been given to manage, so for it to be recognised as award winning as such a prestigious industry event will live with me forever. 

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Confidence. Presenting to clients and colleagues was a massive challenge for me but you learn quickly here how to get over that. Your encouraged to share ideas in meetings and speak to clients on the phone, so naturally my confidence improved immensely as the year went on. 

What advice would you give to someone about to start their internship?

From the get go, get completely stuck in. Don’t hold back, get involved in as many brands as you can, go to as many meetings as humanly possibly but most importantly, enjoy it. Everyone’s there to help you, so don’t be afraid to make a mistake. 

Sum up your TLC Marketing internship in three words.

Enjoyable. Insightful. Invaluable. 

Over the course of a year, our interns grow from students, into talented professionals in their chosen field. As we wish Billie the best of luck on her return to university, we also welcome three new placement students from Bournemouth this summer. Interns, you have some big shoes to fill this next year, but we have every faith in you.


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