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What is The Promotions Intelligence Index?

What is the Promotions Intelligence Index?

Posted by emma.critchley | 11 January

The Promotions Intelligence Index (Pii) is an exclusive collection of data taken from over 4,600 global sales promotions. Owned by TLC Marketing, it is constantly evolving and providing new insights that help us consult clients on what their customers really want.

What does Pii do?

•Pii allows us to be much more consultative with our clients as we propose concepts and creative backed up by real consumer data

•Helps our clients manage the risk of their campaigns by analysing the many variables effecting reward redemptions

•Allows TLC Marketing to maintain their positions as the world’s leading rewards and incentives agency

Consumer Analysis

With over five million consumer responses, we know what motivates consumer behaviour. Whether it’s students, the over 65’s, mums or Gen Z, every piece of data represents a choice. It is made up numerous data points from top line website engagement stats, right down to the incredibly specific, like an individual’s choice of holiday destination. 

What have we learnt?

Here is just some of the insight we have learnt over the last 12-months:

  • 25% of customers would be likely to spend more money with a company that offers them relevant rewards
  • Customers who demonstrate consistent behaviour on social media or customers who open a survey on your brand are significantly more likely to make a customer referral.
  • 50% of consumers "Actively seek out rewards and offers" when they shop
  • Seven out of ten consumers chose rewards over cashback
  • Over two thirds of customers say a reward would make them purchase again

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If you’re looking for a sales promotion agency who knows exactly what your customers want then request a call back, letting us know what marketing worries keep you awake at night and one of our experts will get back to you. 

Happy clients include; Bupa, Continental, The AAPallas Foods and Bosch.