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David Hughes celebrates two years as TLC MArketing Junior Art Director

What's the best thing about being a Junior Art Director?

Posted by emma.critchley | 28 July

Our Dave, AKA “Rodders” is TLC’s talented Junior Art Director and banterous Northerner. Today he’s celebrating his 2nd TLC Marketing birthday. When he’s not crafting award worthy concepts, he’s art directing and bringing his ideas to life through his illustrations. Dave is creative to the core which is why you’ll spot him at his desk when you walk in and still there when you leave, powered by his morning cereal and Uber Eats.

Despite claiming himself as more of a pictures man, we managed to get a few words out of him. Here are Dave's best bits about working for the world's leading rewards and incentives agency.

What’s your favourite thing about TLC Marketing?
My favourite thing about TLC would have to be the people, as much of a cliché as that sounds. There’s always a good atmosphere in the office, and while at times it obviously can get a bit hectic, working alongside people you can have a laugh with really does make all the difference.

I’d actually only moved to London about a week before I started at TLC, so didn't know a huge amount of people down here. It was nice to meet such a big bunch of friendly faces so quickly, even if they did find my accent slightly ridiculous.

What is the best thing about your role as Junior Art Director?
The best thing is that I feel like I'm still learning new things every day. Having such a supportive team around me has been great, and it's nice to feel that you're making real progress.
The nature of TLC's business means I’m given the opportunity to work on a really diverse range of briefs, which keep things interesting day to day. I remember working on a pitch for Pukka Pies a little while ago. The Art Director I was working with stopped what he was saying mid-sentence and started chuckling. When I asked why, he replied “We could be stacking shelves or something right now, but instead we're sat here, trying to think what to name a pie delivering ambulance*. We’ve got it pretty good.” That’s always kind of stuck with me, and does make me appreciate how lucky I am to have such an interesting job.

*We settled on Pukka Truck

Dave we love having you in the office, especially when you leave your desk with your computer screen unlocked. Two years on and you still haven’t learned.

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