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  • Ray-Ban Concert

    Ray-Ban rocked their consumers’ socks off with a free concert ticket for every $155 spent online. Shoppers got to jam with Pink, Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Pearl Jam among others.

  • Loyalty 360

    Over 63% of consumers say they are frustrated with brands’ continued practice of repeating generic advertising messages. Speak with the #1 global agency for experiential rewards.


Organic Foods are Here to Stay, and the Market is More Competitive Than Ever for Brands

Organic Food Trends

By Amy Robson

Its old news that ‘organics’ and those foods labeled as healthy are ‘trending’; they are seeing a continual growth in popularity and are no longer an alternative to mainstream food products. Organic foods are part of the mainstream, they are here to stay.

Not only are organic foods here to stay, they are taking over the aisles and don’t come cheap. While fresh produce is the biggest organic item, consumers are looking out for organic milk, snacks, baby products, cooking oils, juices and even dog foods. There is too, a constant increase in the popularity of health, herbal and fitness supplements.

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