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Giving Customers a Little ‘TLC’; Our Beauty, Health and Wellness Rewards

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 01 May

Everyone loves to feel pampered. Perfect for the summer, staying healthy, getting active; it’s time to look after your customers with ‘everyone wins’ experiences. The possibilities are endless but our Beauty, Health and Wellness network is better than any other.

TLC 'Health & Wellness'. Expert instructors, fitness pros and national associations to meet every health and wellness goal. Pairing perfectly with any health product or service, incentivize purchase with a free Nutrition Consultation, Gym Pass (7 days, 10 days or up to 30 days), Yoga or Pilates Class, Dance Fitness (Zumba), Personal Training Session or a free Boot camp Session.

The TLC Beauty rewards include a free 30 - 50 minute session of either a free Manicure, free Pedicure, free Hydro Derma Fusion, free Red Light Therapy, free Blowout, free Waxing, free Hair treatments and more. A favorite option for the biggest brands in every category to incentivize and reward.

Continuing with the summer health over hall, TLC’s Free Food delivery partner with the best known companies in the industry to deliver organic vegetable boxes, dinner packages, steak, lobster or free BBQ meats to every. single. customer.

After they are feeling beautiful, treat them even more; make them feel like a star and capture the true depth of their beauty with a free Photo Session, a nationwide reward that includes a printed photo either in studio or on location.

A free concert ticket to see a favorite singer, a free flight to relax by the pool… you name it and we deliver it to every. single. customer. Brands like Ray Ban, Intel, K-Y and Continental also choose from our Entertainment, Dining, Cooking, Hotel as well as Free Flight rewards.

To learn more about giving customers a little ‘TLC’, incentivizing at POS, rewarding loyalty and increasing subscription or referrals, contact TLC USA at USA@TLCMarketing.com