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Gold-winning strategy for the 2015 NFL

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 01 April

By Amy Robson

This year is the 50th anniversary of the biggest Sporting event in the US- the Super Bowl! The NFL has unveiled a year-long ‘Gold Marketing’ initiative, involving current and past players, coaches and multi- platform marketing support from the NFL and its partners. This 50th celebration is the perfect opportunity to get thinking about how you can design an award winning promotion.

This season the theme is all things Gold, with a gold Super Bowl logo on the field all season long, as well as incorporated into various promotions, uniforms and the sideline apparel from Nike and New Era.

With all this in the works it’s time to start thinking…What is your gold-winning NFL season strategy?

Think Big, think new and innovative technologies delivering rewards and incentives through multiple platforms. With 59% of ESPN's unique users exclusively accessing content on smart phones and tablets, it's no surprise that mobile took a leading position in the marketing and fan engagement strategy for the league, teams and publishers last season.*

The Levi's Stadium hosts some of the most innovative tech and has the resources to utilize beacon tech. Customers can order food and drinks without leaving their seats but even better can be rewarded with free food and any of your promotions Think of incorporating interactive games with prizes for everyone, or contests with that dream vacation or event.

It’s important to remember that women love NFL too, and in actual fact make up almost half of all NFL fans*5. It is widely known that marketing efforts in male oriented industries are still overseeing a key opportunity. NFL Season is not solely about all things football and sport, take for example the NFL/Vogue fashion event held at Grand Central Station which showcased women’s sporting and NFL apparel. Women drive 70-80% of all consumer spending**, and many are active NFL fans, going to games and having game-day parties. Is this demographic is key to your Gold- winning strategy for 2015?

Promotions and Rewards that satisfy all demographics and that reward every consumer are available through TLC’s global partner network. Give TLC a call for a free ideas session or reward trial on 001 6464598821 or say hello at USA@tlcmarketing.com

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