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How Brands Can Ignite Sales and Connect Emotionally With Consumers During the July 4th Holiday

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 19 February

July 4th plays an important role in the lives of Americans. It’s an occasion to celebrate our great nation and its rich history while spending time with friends and family. Americans will attend firework shows, parades, barbecues, picnics, and cookouts to celebrate the birth of America, and throughout the celebrations, consumers will spend massive amounts of money on their favorite brands.

Bearing in mind that 80% of the 320 million Americans will organize a celebration for the occasion, the date is not to be ignored by brand marketers. Only last year, $600 million was spent on fireworks, over $500 million on food ($150 Million on hot dogs alone), $350 million on beer, and $110 million on soda.

What an opportunity for all these categories!

Knowing the importance of the event, brands must be prepared to tackle the season effectively. Consumers will rush into supermarkets to grab all of what is needed to make July 4th a perfect day. And guess what?  The most aggressive brand on shelves will win the most spend.

In preparation of July 4th, it will be essential to understand what will drive consumers to their final purchase decisions. It’s certain that some brands will try discounting their products to appeal to more price sensitive customers. But by doing so, they are also hurting their brand image, decreasing their value and are, at the end, not gaining any emotional loyalty.

What about offering a much more powerful incentive that will not hurt any of the brand’s previous efforts, and also costs marketers the same?



At TLC Marketing, we are experts in the right kind of consumer incentives, the kind that attract but also retain consumers in the long term and support a brand’s message. We have the ability to provide free emotional rewards and activities to all consumers that purchase a given product or service from any kind of brand. We have worked for years to develop nationwide networks of partners in various industries that fulfill free experiences like free outdoor family activities, free sports lessons, free movie and music downloads, free photo books, car washes and even pizza delivery. Because of our long-term commitments to send traffic to these partners, we are able to receive pricing that fits within a typical coupon budget. So, brands can add value without spending more, while connecting emotionally with consumers and becoming part of their lives beyond purchase and consumption.

What mom wouldn’t want a free theme park pass just for buying a bottle of ketchup?

What dad wouldn’t want to score tickets to a ballgame just from picking up a bag of charcoal?

We’d love to help you tackle this period by Adding More and inviting you to a free ideas session. Simply email usa@tlcmarketing.com to set up a time to learn more about what we can do for you.