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LIVE NOW: TLC Marketing Launches Spa Promotion For Pure Silk

Posted by lorraine.bobek | 12 March

Saturday, March 10, 2018 – To promote the relaunch of Pure Silk’s Contour 6 Razor, TLC Marketing is offering all consumers who purchase in-store or online with a free spa treatment!

Highly-relevant and complementary to the product, consumers can choose one of six treatment options, including a luxe manicure or pedicure.

The core objectives of the innovative new campaign are to drive sales of the Contour 6 Razor, and to facilitate an authentic connection between brand and consumer by offering a meaningful experience that is rich in value.

By design, the customer’s journey is seamless and succinct:

First, they make their purchase of the Pure Silk Contour 6 Razor.

Next, they visit the campaign URL and upload an image of their receipt for proof of purchase.

Within days, they’re provided with specific instructions on how to redeem and where participating venues are located.

The campaign is being communicated via on-pack sticker, printed FSI and substantial radio, TV and social media support.

Campaign URL: www.PureSilkSpa.com