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Looking at Loyalty

Posted by andrew.mockridge | 17 April

“It’s not about the customer being loyal to you, but you being loyal to the customer.”

We've heard it before, but what does it actually mean for you to be loyal to your customers? Brands know the importance of CRM and retention, however in too many cases, are only looking at loyalty from one perspective: How do we incentivize customers to come back? Will our customers re-purchase if we offer them more and charge less?

Have you considered the importance of you as a brand being loyal to your customers? Are you there when they need you, your advice and information? How do you show appreciation? Consumers have increased expectations and need emotional engagement. Connection, meaning, and differentiation is still everything.* Show that you are loyal to your customers and that your brand is dedicated, reliable and devoted to them. In today’s world, the best way to keep your customers is to be essential to them. Add value to their life and position your brand as a personality rather than a corporation.

Create a connection and show you are dedicated and loyal to your customers. Learn more about our engaging loyalty rewards and programs by contacting TLC Marketing at USA@tlcmarketing.com

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